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After a year of intensive research, testing and in-depth usage, I’ve watched the popularity of the Echovox software sky-rocket. This has come as little shock to people such as I, who have walked the talk and decided to dedicate time – and patience – to finding the truth.

In the world of paranormal research and Investigation, people are rightly sceptical when the term ‘App’ – or ‘electronic software’ – is mentioned as a possible aid to finding paranormal activity.

We have seen so many claims that have turned out to be false dawns, so the above stance is actually justified to an extent, as long as the ability to move position is adopted when new possibilities present themselves.

Some researchers are absolutely unwilling to use Echovox, they have already dismissed it fully without even testing it. Some sit in cliques and laugh at the ‘gullible users’ – which includes I – yet they have neither used the equipment, do not understand the software, and have actually displayed how unsuitable they are to the study of real paranormal possibilities due to a closed mind.

Daily I receive requests for help, many questions are asked and I have picked a few to answer within this website inclusion. I hope the following will shed some light for both researcher and those with an interest alike. I’ve provided links to all information for ease!

What Is Echovox

What we have here, is a fantastic piece of software that can run on your Smart-phone or PC tablet [I use Android Version] and can then discreetly be used on location.

You see, the hypothesis here – and as I’ve continued to present openly for months now – is the unique ability of this system to provide coherent local dialect captures using sound-waves, frequencies and produce an electronic soup of potentiality.

The Echovox system would seem to tap into those areas that spiritual mediums can, albeit, without the visual aspect or symbolic jigsaw building that many of these gifted people experience. This is purely sound you see, with audio phonetic sound banks playing at high randomness, allowing non-physical to use these non-physical fields, to use in the unique creation of turning chaos into coherent order.

Does It Work

I have embarked on a study that will last well in excess of a year or two. So it’s really early days thus far, but I will say, I’m impressed and I can assure people this is not a gimmicky piece of software or one of these phone apps for fun.

You see, I too was sceptical to begin with and needed to see, or in the applications case hear something, before I would undertake serious study into this area of my research. I would certainly be wasting no money on gimmicks or my precious time looking into something that did not make hypothetical sense to my already flexible formed ideas.

How Do I Get Results

If you have a pre-set judgement of “This will not work” guess what? The chances of it working are limited. It’s been proven over and over that the very act of thinking is measurable outside the head – in the form of frequency – meaning what you think, is impacting externally by the very means of vibration.

Have you ever noticed how resonance comes into play with sound and items that it impacts. We have all witnessed glass being shattered at certain levels, clocks resonating to the same tick – even if they are set differently – and a whole host of other examples of sound resonance and the resulting facts from this, rarely spoken about, area.

So what are your negative thought patterns and dismissive attitude towards research doing with your data?

Speak as if speaking with your friends, and be nice and courteous at all times. I find this way, absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, improves results.

Before your next session, think up some questions and how you may approach the task. Some pre-work in this area may just prove fruitful for you!

Try leaving a long enough gap for replies, especially as we have noticed a few seconds delay in direct hits. These gaps are crucial for communication, do not talk over the feedback or you will miss a lot!

There have been instances also where people are not analysing the audio; if they do not hear it at the time, they discount the whole session. This is throwing out the baby, bath water and bath…..

You must upload the audio to the PC, get it into a program you can listen back with and fully analyse the track.

What Do You Use To Analyse

I use Adobe Audition for this as it has the features I’m looking for, which include the ability to see graphics, slow things down, reverse audio that sounds backwards and isolate sound that stands out.

You may want to use a free program such as Audacity which can still do the job. Just getting it in to the program and fully checking it is the key; what you use to do so, is up to you.

Where Can I Purchase Echovox

You can purchase the software on GooglePlay –

Where Can I Read More

Other Articles That May Interest You:

Where Can I watch Echovox In Action

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel –

Do You Have A Facebook Page

Yes, Haunted Scotland page is located at

Key Points:

  • Get a proper flexible, open and non-concluded mindset in place.
  • Close out hindrance from those who THINK they know it all.
  • Do some Pre-Work on questions and conversations relevant to the location or person conducting session.
  • Speak clear, slow and leave large gaps for replies – It takes a few seconds for some.
  • Get settings you are comfortable with, we are all different in this part.
  • Upload all audio to PC program for analysis and listen under headset if possible.
  • Share your findings without fear or favour.

Lets all work together on the further advancement of this research.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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