Echovox: Are You Listening

As the popularity of the Echovox Application rises – and rightly so – we begin to get more questions, suggestions and requests for assistance. The common theme from within the above, is how do some gain better results than others.

I have covered most questions in previous articles on Echovox – searching this website will reveal these for you – but are you doing the one main thing to improve your chance of captures tenfold?

Hands up all those people who conduct an Echovox session, and do not listen back to the recording! Do you know, some people have a better ear than others for hearing possible voices from live sessions, but even the best of ears will miss a high percentage of what can be coherent captures.

When you watch presentations on places such as Youtube, and see the words on the screen – pointing out the captures to you – this audio has been externally analysed and then placed into a format for the viewers.

For example, top Youtube channel Huff Paranormal – Presented by Steve Huff – will display a plethora of captures from his various sessions, but you will notice that he does not hear them all live. On his post-session work, he will find a lot of this communication then present it to everyone.

Likewise, if I’m lucky, I will be able to locate a few live feedback audio’s on location and build communication, otherwise the rest will go into an audio program – such as Adobe Audition – where I can then listen back, apply slower speeds to make out words, and even raise the volume for clear listening conditions.

I would like to impress upon you, how utterly crucial and vitally important it is to analyse your audio post-session.

If you want to really dig deep into the possibilities of Echovox, you will have to put some work into it, and this will yield results that should begin to show you the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in, with this area of research.

If you try to use only a live session and then dismiss what was not heard at the time, you are doing a disservice to yourself and anyone else you communicate with on-line about your results.

I have consistently said from day one, that 5-10 minutes of audio will take an hour to analyse, easily, and possibly more if a lot of the probable captures are borderline.

Haunted Scotland ‘Ghost Voice’ videos of 5 minutes take a whopping 5 hours to create and upload.

They are carefully analysed by Chris Huff, re-analysed a second time by myself if captured in Scotland – for local dialect possibilities – and then the process of video creation, while leaving out borderline captures, begins.

What you see in final presentation is roughly 10% of what has been flagged as interesting.

So my suggestion to those with a deep interest in finding the truth, is to put in the background work and really dig deep into the research. Transfer those audio’s onto your main systems and get a headset on, take notes, and start isolating the audio’s for presentation or personal use.

I’m pretty sure Steve Huff, Chris Huff and other experienced users – and in-depth researchers – will agree, that the process from start to finish is a long one, with a lot of work after the main sessions are conducted.

in a nut-shell, the more effort you put in to the listening process both live and afterwards, the more probability of something really interesting transpiring for you.

So the question to ask yourself is – Am I really listening?

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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