Echovox Audio – Pasadena Spirit Conversation

It has long been my desire and fundamental aim – in the paranormal field – to fully cooperate and advance in knowledge with my fellow researchers, Investigators and the public with a deep interest in finding the truth of the afterlife.

Many will know, specifically, the area of audio recordings and in particular the Echovox System, has proven fruitful with interesting results here at Haunted Scotland.

Lets be clear, this system seems to not only provide single words, but also on occasion give phrases and direct communication.

Some cynics have tried to rubbish these claims – without even using the device or undertaking lengthy study – basing their claims on what they think, or the flawed analysis of other people, and not their own actions in this area.

I urge that such people are ignored, while we allow others to continue to blaze the trail. This nicely  brings me to the guys from Pasadena, Maryland, with their collective experience of 10 years in the paranormal investigation field.

Jared Tracey and the Pasadena Paranormal Investigators stood up strong, and decided to use Echovox during some of their Investigations in Maryland, to find out if Echovox actually worked or not.

Like I, Jared is still testing, still gathering the data, and most of all remaining open-minded yet flexible. Much more than can be said for some who have thrown their eggs in the sceptical basket, in fear of being wrong.

Nothing at all is bad in being wrong, what is a travesty is never knowing because you based your life on other peoples assumptions.

Personal experience is the absolute key to life! More so in the field of paranormal exploration!

I wanted to share the video from Pasadena with you all since Jared and I, cooperate transatlantic in ideas, data, and the sharing of material for the further advancement in this area.

As I said at the start, we are all about moving forward together, in a spirit of harmony.

The following is typical of the results being gained[by Echovox], it is being replicated worldwide and can no longer be ignored.

Enjoy, and excellent work Jared and the team.


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