Duntulm Castle

Region : Isle of Skye
Location : Trotternish

Details : Originally a Pictish fortress forming one of a chain of duns or forts stretching along the north coast of the island each one being visible to its neighbour, On the Norse invasion of the Isles, Duntulm assumed the name David’s Fort (or Dun Dhaibhidh.) The Norse lost Skye following the Battle of Largs in 1263. It was Donald Gorm, Master of the Macdonalds of Sleat in the 1500’s who occupied out instigated improvements. By 1540 King James V visiting the area, was impressed by the castle and its situation. Ownership of the castle and its domain was hotly disputed and changed hands several times, alternating between MacLeods and the MacDonalds until the Battle of Trotternish (C 16th). The MacDonalds were victorious and held Duntulm until they moved their base to Monkstadt in 1730.

Paranormal Phenomena : Folklore tells of a family tragedy at the castle, where the young son and heir of Donald Gorm Og fell to his death from a window of the castle. The ghost of Donald Gorm is alleged can be seen brawling with other ghostly miscreants in the courtyard. The ghost Hugh Macdonald haunts the castle dungeon who is witnessed screaming and raving. Occasionally, the weeping of a woman known as Margaret can be heard. Hysterical screams allegedly of a nursemaid who ‘accidentally’ dropped a baby out a window onto the rocks below can also be heard

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