Duntrune Castle

Region : Argyll & Dunbartonshire
Location : 6 miles NW of Lochgilphead

Details : The tower house may date to c.1600, with restoration and alterations in 1796 and further modernised and extended between 1954-7 by Col. George Malcolm of Poltalloch. It is still in the Malcolm family and is in use as a family home.

Paranormal Phenomena : This castle has reported strange knockings on doors, pictures which have fallen from walls for no apparent reason, and on one occasion a number of heavy pewter pots have been “thrown” onto the floor. In addition the sound of footsteps have been heard running from the Turret Room to the Kitchen. But it is the sounds of bagpipes being played in the tower late at night that the castle is most famous for. A folklore tale insists that one Coll Macdonnell (Left handed Coll) had a personal score to settle with the Campbells of Duntrune who were waiting for him. But as he approached the castle, a piper within played a warning tune and so Coll turned back. The Campbells in revenge cut off the piper’s hands. In 1910 the fingerless skeleton of a man was found hidden in the ancient walls. In the 1960’s, whilst the kitchens were being modernised, workmen found the skeletal remains of two hands under the kitchen floo

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