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Dunnikier House Hotel

Dunnikier House HotelDunnikier House Hotel is a privately owned 18th Century Georgian House bathed in history and situated in idyllic parkland and adjacent to Dunnikier Golf Course.

There’s a well known story attached to this stunning hotel, certainly if you ask many of the locals they will recite the tales of the grey lady who is said to lurk in certain rooms and walkways.

How about the phantom figure or mischievous spectre if you will, who’d not only been experienced in the kitchen area by staff members, but also made themselves very much known to both Fiona Williamson – a local clairvoyant – and myself.

“The utensils done their own magical dance on a far wall”

I surely would have struggled to believe the phenomenon of moving utensils – where such activity is few and far between at times – if it hadn’t transpired in-front of my eyes, with Fiona to fully confirm what had manifested for us.

While conducting a paranormal Investigation at the location some time ago, we were to Dunnikier House Hotelbe given an unusual surprise with this physical phenomenon.

As Fiona and I stood in the kitchen area with the lights full on, all the Kitchen utensils that were hanging on the wall were to do a dance for us.

This was a rather surreal moment as our mouths fell open and we looked at each other.

This was not caused by open windows, vibrations or any other natural occurrence.

We were there as Investigators and all natural possibilities are ruled out before the selection of a paranormal hypothesis.

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