Doune Castle

Region : Stirlingshire
Location : In Doune, 10m NW of Stirling – see also castleuk.net website
Details : built in the late 14thC by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany. King James confiscated the castle which became a Royal hunting lodge. In 1528 it was given back to the descendant of Albany and from him to the earls of Moray who still own the property. Mary Queen of Scots used the castle and forces loyal to her held the castle until 1570. It was occupied by Montrose in 1646 and by Williamite forces in 1689. During the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 government forces held Doune. However, in the 1745 it was taken by the Jacobites of Bonnie Prince Charlie and used as a prison.

There is a detailed page about Doune on the undiscovered scotland website

Paranormal Phenomena : The Castle is alleged to be haunted by Mary Queen of Scots who was exiled there. Photographs have periodically revealed “spirit balls” that appear associated with an outcast woman in blood velvet looking out a window according to a spiritual “sensitive.

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