Does Echovox Work?

It’s certainly clear here at Haunted Scotland, that there is a massive interest building in conducting sessions with the Echovox application. A lot of visitors to this site are fascinated with this application, but they all want to know one thing…..

Does it actually work?

I’m relatively new to this type of research, as in using the device on location, and I have embarked on a study that will last well in excess of a year or two. So it’s really early days thus far, but I will say, I’m impressed and I can assure people this is not a gimmicky piece of software or one of these phone apps for fun.

You see, I too was sceptical to begin with and needed to see, or in the applications case hear something, before I would undertake serious study into this area of my research. I would certainly be wasting no money on gimmicks or my precious time looking into something that did not make hypothetical sense to my already flexible formed ideas.

Think Ouija-Board without the micro-muscular movements or possible subconscious movements, in addition, no stigma attached and if used responsibly, no different from a set up audio device ready to capture EVP’s from some of the most haunted locations visited.

You are in essence capturing real-time EVP, which are possibly ghostly voices from a non-physical source, using a device with pre-set sounds that play for a mere second on random settings.

The device in essence should spit out gobbledygook, and it does at times, but we are seeing coherent answers to questions and phrases relevant to the history of both location or person.

Some long-term researchers are not convinced at all and reinforce this hopelessly by refusing to even test it fully over a set time frame. Science always build models and test, re-test and then point to probabilities while always modifying their hypothesises, for some reason, some are not willing to follow this route in the field and it holds us all back somewhat.

Luckily, we are seeing a larger increase in people who are open-minded enough to pick these devices up, take them on location and give them a good 15 minutes for the sake of research.

What is there to lose really?

Just look in the Ghost Voices section, you will find a collection of captures from various locations thus far, this is all evidence of possible captures, of a non-physical kind, and the results truly speak for itself.

So if you are swaying in thought at whether to purchase the application due to fear of it being a hoax, I can rest your mind by saying it is far from it. It is amazing value for money, will give you the opportunity to fully research this area and share the results…We might even get a few of you started in this field.

I have opened a special area on the TRIP Boards for this research…you can watch videos, post ideas and share protocols...access it freely here!

I am especially looking for new comers to the field to get involved…I would love to see a surge of people who want to get involved locally, share in a great community, be part of something big and have some fun on the way. It’s free, you can tap into a combined 50 years worth of experience from seasoned researchers and really probe the topic with passion.

Grab an Echovox application (or Spirit-Box) and jump in…the water is lovely!! 🙂

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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