Deal Castle, Kent

Lieven SmitsDeal Castle was built on the orders of Henry VIII as an artillery fortress as part of a chain of such forts to defend the downs from the threat of invasion from the Catholic alliance of France and Spain during the mid-16th century.

It is one of the most impressive of the Device Forts being built by Henry VIII between 1539 and 1540 as an artillery fortress to counter the threat of invasion from Catholic France and Spain. It is shaped like a Tudor rose, being perfectly symmetrical, with a low, circular keep at its centre. Around the circumference of the keep are six bastions, as opposed to the five of Sandown and Walmer, with a further series of six bastions in the curtain wall, one of which serves as the gatehouse.


Apparitions of soldiers (indeterminate period) allegedly seen. Especially in the areas of the bakery and the rounds.

On the Deal ghost hunters website, Andy posted on April 17, 2007 that

“Me and my friend saw a white figure at the stairs in the Dungeons and my friend heard chains in the Dungeons”

On the Worldreviewer site an un-named source reports a bright autumn afternoon spent at the castle, where upon descending into the rounds, they :

Turned a corner in the dingy passageway and fell silent, one after the other; an intense cold had swamped me and then my companion immediately afterwards (since the passage was only wide enough for one, walking crab-wise). We guessed that perhaps the angle of the tunnel around the corner was better positioned to receive a blast of cold air from the sea, but there did not appear to be any wind present – in fact, rather the opposite: the air seemed unusually still. A moment later it seemed to pass, and we continued our conversation and headed back up to the gift shop. We both found items we wanted to buy, but when we looked for the receptionist, she was nowhere to be seen. We replaced the items and, as we walked towards the exit and stepped back onto the drawbridge, my friend hesitantly whispered, “you don’t think it was a ghost… do you?” As I opened my mouth to say “no”, the ancient, heavy oak doors slammed shut right behind us with immense force, causing the whole bridge to shake. We ran…

I personally have visited the castle on many occasions, it used to be quite affordable to get into but is way over the top now and so I stopped going in. The rounds – the lowest gun tier of the castle protecting the moat – are very dark and atmospheric, and indeed I have felt presences there on numerous occasions.

On my last visit there I took an interesting photo – the middle one of three, with flash on continuous shoot. The ones on either side were normal, whereas the middle one was not.

Eventually I got around to properly looking at the photo, Using PSP, I started with the Deal castle photo – where there was the unexplained swirl of motion and I have always just looked at this thinking interesting, and left it there….

I adjusted the contrast and brilliance and got this popping out.

It looks an awful lot like a child – a girl with long hair and not looking at the camera…I swear not altered apart from contrast & brilliance.

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