Culcreuch Castle

Region : Stirlingshire
Location : Culcreuch Estate, Fintry

Details : originally a property of the Galbraiths of Culcreuch, but sold to the Setons in 1630, then to the Napiers two years later. In 1796 it was acquired by Alexander Speirs, who built a large and profitable cotton mill on his estate, but had passed from the family in 1875. The building is now a hotel.

Paranormal Phenomena : Culcreuch Castle is reputed to have several ghosts. The Phantom Harper of Culcreuch relates to events believed to have taken place in 1582. One of the Buchannan family was mortally wounded by Robert Galbraith, son of the 16th chief. The dying man was taken to what is now the Chinese Bird Room, accompanied by his mistress. When he died, to comfort herself she began to play a wire-strung harp, known as a Clarsach in Gaelic – and it is said that her soft music has often been heard since, particularly in the dead of night. The music has been reported from this and its adjoining room and also in the Laird’s Hall.

Sightings of a severed animal head have also been reported, which apparently flies around the battlements.

Another manifestation is that of a cold grey mass, about the height and proportions of a human. This has been reported in all areas of the castle. Other activity which was kept back from the investigation flyer included, feelings of depression in the bar area, customers who refuse to sit in the end room of the bar and feelings of being touched

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