Crail Airfield – Echovox Captures

Crail Aerodrome, to the north of the town, started life as a naval air station during The Great War First World War. In the run-up to the Second World War it became HMS Jackdaw.

Planes from the airfield took part in the final attack on the Tirpitz in 1944.

After the war, the airfield was taken over by the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Bruce. After closure, the Joint Services School for Linguists (JSSL) was based here in the 1950s. The school closed with the ending of conscription in 1960. It had many famous alumni.

One witness named Mr McCowat said:

I visited this place as a bairn before it was securely guarded around 1989, with my Dad and Grandad. We went all the way up to the roof and on the way back down just as we exited a room its door slammed shut behind us. Not a breath of wind that day neither. My dad and I took off and ran out the place leaving my poor Grandad behind. Still feel bad for leaving him to this day, God rest his soul. Would love to see more of this place.


What did the Echovox Audio Session provide – which was analysed by Christopher Huff over the period of days – and would any relevance present itself.

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