Corgarff Castle

Corgarff Castle Haunting

Corgarff CastleRegion: Grampian
Location: 10 miles SE of Tomintoul

Details: Built as a hunting lodge in 1537 but became a residence of the Forbes family. See the undiscovered scotland website for more in-depth details.

After the Jacobite risings of the 18th century, it was rebuilt as a barracks and a detachment of government troops was stationed there. Military use continued until 1831, after which the tower served as a distillery and housed local workers.

Paranormal Phenomena: It’s alleged that screams can be heard during times of Corgarff Castlehistorical reenactment at this location. These mimic the great attack of 1571, where Adam Gordon of Auchindoun, besieged this stunning castle ultimately burning it down with the occupants still inside.

Margaret Forbes, the Chief’s wife, and twenty-six others – including children – died a gruesome death here.

Is it any wonder that spiritual activity has been reported. Such is the emotion, history and deep-seated grief here, we may be witnessing anything form residual energy to actual sentient activity, especially in the Barrack Room.

We visited this castle in November 2018 as part of a more comprehensive road trip around northern Scotland (Highlands) During such a gathering of visual data, and audio recordings were conducted from outside the location. Here is one such audio “He’s Not Scottish” was clearly caught via ITC Techniques.

Haunted History Road Trip - Highlands Of Scotland

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Information Sources | Haunted Scotland, Scottish Paranormal, Greg Stewart Author & Researcher, Ryan O’Neill Author & Researcher, Online Archives, Wikipedia & More

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