Closed Minded Arrogance?

If you are going to put yourself out there, as in producing videos for sites such as Youtube, you need to be prepared to have your work critiqued. This is why at the bottom of nearly every single article I produce, I ask people to leave their comments or constructive criticism.

In this short article, I am going to talk about a video I have just viewed a few times in regards to proof, that Near Death Experiences are just the reaction of brain chemicals and being dismissed by scientific studies. DeityFree Dee seems to have it all figured out on her Youtube channel and this amazes me, as I am nowhere near figuring it out after 9 years of active research and study.

So do we just pluck information from a website now and use it as fact without further research, study and active participation?

Condemnation without Investigation is the highest form of IgnoranceAlbert Einstein

I have to admit, the actual information within the video that she has taken from a website, more so, closed-minded materialist views, does not really move me in any way. It is what has become run of the mill for such closed-minded views backed up by the new religion in town….Science and materialist fundamentalism. What is more alarming, is people being prepared to parrot the information without further analysis and their own critical thinking. Listen, critical thinking does not apply to just the paranormal, it applies to everything in life, that includes authoritative departments and very much so Science!!

What struck me was the tone of voice and the speak-down attitude of this lady. This is not a personal attack let me add, this is criticism of the style of delivery and the matter-of-fact attitude which displays and air of ignorance.

The opening lineThink about Near-Death Expeiencessssssss aye okay, good start and I knew exactly where this was going from that point. The video continues [see below] with a very sarcastic type commentary, with certain explanations of what IS experienced by those who encounter an OBE or NDE, pronounced in such a way to downplay or make fun.

Personally, I am not religious but I have an understanding of being respectful to everyone and I certainly do not push my own belief’s on to others or make fun of others for that matter. I also have a brain that I use to create my own ideas, thinking deeply and then the ability to fully research, rather than reading out other people’s work as fact. Ridicule is a big no-no too.

So what is the conclusion? Ketamine or chemical reactions and NDE’s are shown as proof by religious types only. That is utters RUBBISH, I would seriously be embarrassed to put that out there on many levels. Non religious types in the hundreds, if not more, have experienced an NDE and changed their life accordingly afterwards, see our NDE section for such. I will not even go to the chemical reactions claptrap, that is some chemicals to work in bodies that are pronounced dead or give the ability to recount detailed descriptions from out the body…why are we not hearing more from the users of such drugs! Because it’s utter rubbish as usual.

I have long said, I will highlight such rubbish in favour of the public who experience such events. Many people are beginning to see through this know-it-all attitude from materialistic parrots who are all to willing to spread disinformation and flawed data. Most of all, do not talk down to people in a sarcastic arrogant mode, It’s very sickly to watch and displays a large doze of ignorance.

Blunt? Yes I know, but if someone does not stand for something, we will all fall for everything that this mob push on to us and accept flawed information as fact.

Here is the video…..

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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