Children Hear Voices – Something Wrong Here?

There is great concern when you see reported studies that brush aside possible psychic phenomena in favour of left brained theories and pre-judged assumptions from researchers. I have great respect for people who have spent time learning and studying, to then be presented with letters after their name or certificates to proudly show off, its a great achievement. What I have no time for though is lack of forward movement and using own initiative to understand that we may not have all the answers. You see, some would rather just pin a label and medicate via the large and extremely rich pharmaceutical companies….there is something wrong here!!

Who wrote the text books and why do we blindly follow them as gospel?

I have just finished reading a news article provided by the associated press via Yahoo entitled Fifth of children may hear voices and I have to say that my past research sprung to mind with regards to children, followed swiftly by annoyance at some of the claims and closed minded attitudes.

In most cases, the auditory hallucinations stop with time, the findings show. But children who continue to hear voices could be at risk of mental illness or behavioural disorders.

Auditory Hallucinations? Really? Do a fifth of our children (study figures) really experience what has been termed auditory hallucinations and if this mass hallucination is evident, why is there not a study into exactly why. Related to our poor quality foods? How about the pollution we experience and ever changing air quality, with even aeroplanes now clearly leaving trails in the sky that turn milky white and what authoritative figures are classifying as contrails? What the heck is in the fuel and what damage may that cause? Is something being sprayed in our skies covertly? Poor water quality? Or……

Could these kids be experiencing true psychic abilities not understood or even blatantly rejected?

Auditory hallucinations can vary from hearing an isolated sentence now and then, to hearing ‘conversations’ between two or more people lasting for a several minutes.


“It may present itself like screaming or shouting, and other times it could sound like whispers or murmurs. It varies greatly from child to child, and frequency can be once a month to once every day.

Sounds like what most people who claim to be gifted experience from my past research and conversations. It also strikes me that it should be investigated further but in that part, I will not hold my breath as there is a real lack of funding and desire by rigid left brained operators to even slightly consider such. I mean, does the notion of evolving with the times and new discoveries not propel them with excitement to look at these figures and possibilities….or is it plain…”Oh well, they are depressed or psychotic” while reaching for more money making pills from the smiling pharma boys!!

Due to client confidentiality I can not go into specific information but I can categorically confirm that I have heard, studies and experienced real eye opening cases where kids have verified Information not possible to relay, in a non-paranormal sense. Passed over relatives, verified descriptions of independent sightings and all done calmly without so much as a fuss. Some of the said kids (One being in her late teens now) have all grown up to be perfectly sound in mind and still clearly holding their experience in their mind with ease.

The brain and our mind is a very complex thing and I do not for one second believe that we are remotely close to fully understanding the capabilities we have. I think to disregard events such as hearing voices as merely a brain playing tricks or just diseased is way off, I feel it all goes way deeper and way past our current understanding.

Kids too have a uniqueness, at a young age most experience real paranormal possibilities which range from visitations through to the ability to hear voices and relay information. This is usually conditioned out of them at speed when they attend school where they are told to “Stop Imagining Things” “Stop Day Dreaming” AND are in essence….conditioned to follow the status-qua and adopt socially accepted behaviour which does not favour being gifted in the unexplained.

So what do we do? Do we condition our youth to follow the socially accepted lines of living, because we are living in such safe ethical times aren’t we? Does the head get stuck in the sand and then label it all as disease only, then symptom treat with overly expensive medication?

How about research, flexible thinking, natural treatments and some understanding along with exploration.

Makes sense but does not make money or protect the left brain loving pseudo-sceptical researchers though.


Ryan O’Neill

PS – My wee boy came home from school a few weeks back and was excited to tell me that he has been learning about the brain. He explained about the left brain and the right brain and I though this was excellent. I too have been engrossed in this area lately and been studying and building my own philosophy at great lengths. So to test him out I asked:

What side did the school say was the best side to use?

I got the answer that had me pulling out the rest of my hair….. The LEFT

What utter disgraceful information and wrong on so many levels. Locking into a left brain society will allow our lovely kids to be restricted rather than creative and flourishing. They need both sides with heavy emphasis on creativity and empathy from the right along with logic and rationality from the left…combined its living to our highest capabilities. How dare our Schools proclaim left brain thinking is the way…pfft!! 🙁

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