Charlie Sheen to go Nessie hunting

Hollywood star and Icon, Charlie Sheen, has decided to visit Scotland, in particular Loch Ness, to see if he can find the elusive Nessie.

The ‘Platoon’ and ‘Hot Shots’ star is convinced he can solve the mystery of what lurks in the loch.

It was apparently on Twitter that Sheen, posing in his what he termed his ‘hunting gear’, that all was revealed. Fans, even getting in on the action, wished him well on his adventure.

Loch Ness, particularly the monster Nessie, is one of those mysterious cases that goes back in history. Allegedly the first sighting was by St Columba in 565AD.

More recently, the roots of the modern-day excitement, surrounding the beautiful Loch, belong to hotel manageress Aldie Mackay. In the 1930’s she reported seeing something resembling a large whale.

This was later retracted, with a much more mundane explanation being that of a large fish, according to Mrs MacKay, whom obviously felt the pressure of the surrounding attention.

Whatever the result or causes of the mystery, surrounding the Loch Ness sightings, I am sure Mr Sheen was welcomed with opened arms Scottish style.

Haunted Scotland wish him well in his future endeavours.

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