My House Is Haunted – A True Ghost Story

Haunted house. True story. Woman’s house is haunted by ghosts of dead indians. True ghost story about a house built on an Indian burial ground.…UAxMzc2NTAyMjg5



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Egyptian mummy statue spins overnight

Footage has been released of a 10-inch-tall statue seeming to spin around in circles completely by itself at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, United Kingdom. It happens both in the dead of night and while visitors are in plain view, but the movement isn’t captured by the naked eye.

Instead, time-lapse footage enables viewers to see the striking rotation of the figurine, named Neb-Senu, which dates back to 1800 B.C.

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Ghostly night-time visitor

Brigit Sanderson was said to have married her second husband, James Thompson, in 1966 and both settled into a flat in the city of discovery, Dundee. James unfortunately lost his mother at the tender age of eight, deeply attached to her memory, he held her deep in his heart.

It was during the spring of 1970, after having their first son, the couple decided to sleep in the sitting room due to the fireplace being located here and the cold spring weather. The baby in the pram and Brigit & James on the bed settee, this would do nicely as a temporary solution. What was about to transpire would send more shivers Brigits way…..

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Spectres of the Severn

The River Severn is one of Britain’s greatest rivers. The high concentration of local haunted dwellings has a fascinating explanation that challenges the common theory and understanding of the strange activity. CJ Romer and Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal.


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This Story Will Change Your Life

Fantastic wee story, in video format from our Youtube Channel this morning, that should touch your heart! We hope you enjoy the following video and we hope you all have a fantastic day.

All credits to the creator as always….


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Haunted British Pubs

Britain has some of the oldest and most haunted pubs in the world, steeped in history and Ghosts! Enjoy this fantastic upload from the Youtube Channel Ghost Watching

Please subscribe to her, leave her some encouraging comments and enjoy the plethora of videos she has personal sought out and uploaded for your enjoyment.

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Castle of Park Experience!

I stayed at Castle of Park over Christmas for a week with my husband a few years back. It was the scariest and most nerve-racking time ever. From the time we arrived, there was a menacing atmosphere about the place.

Some of the things happening were hearing of footsteps rushing down the stairs, a feeling of being watched and the downstairs kitchen stairs were avoided because there was such an eerie atmosphere….
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Spooked Teens

How would you act if faced with blatant paranormal activity, especially if such was happening at the young age of thirteen. Would you think that you were hallucinating, that it could not possibly be. I mean, after all, we have been conditioned to THINK that the afterlife does not exist while discounting millions of witness reports.

Good job the above happened with three other people then, one guy being 15 years old and the other, a year above me at just 14 years. I am at this point going to change their names, to protect their identity as they have not said they wish to be announced as witnesses to the events. Not that Arnold, the 15-year-old who lived there with his parents or Watty, my good buddy who lived near me, would mind in the slightest knowing them.

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Kilchurn Castle Spirit

It’s a long time since I last wrote to you to tell you what had happened in Kilchurn Castle last august. We were touring in Scotland and we stopped there to pay a visit to this castle. I must tell you that my friend has some skills to feel when there is something strange! He is, what we call in France, a medium. he often sees orbs on pictures he takes and in these orbs we can see faces.

Extreme Ghost Stories

In 2005, ITV Granada appealed for those whose lives had been affected by ghostly experiences to contact the station regarding production of a paranormal series.The series was broadcast by ITV in 2006, and was later shown on American cable channel WE tv in September 2007. The series featured drama reconstructions of ghostly encounters of some well-known haunted locations as well as individual cases not known to paranormal enthusiasts. Featured in episode three were interviews with resident Most Haunted Live! historian and Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders presenter Lesley Smith. The series was narrated by Rob Brown.

Haunted Scotland brings you this public domain video from what is an excellent show, be warned though, it is edge of seat stuff. Like all videos from external sources, they are here under fair use for critique and public interest.

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