Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle


Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle

Haunted Glamis CastleThe first ever paranormal investigation inside Glamis Castle with French national broadcaster France 2.

Join Ryan O’Neill, Lynne Knight & Steve King as they attempt spirit communication with the known wandering spirits of this amazing Scottish location.

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Paranormal Shorts | Haunted Ruthven Barracks | Scotland

Paranormal Shorts | Haunted Ruthven Barracks | Scotland

Haunted Ruthven Barracks 10The castle that once stood on this site – which one is unknown – was alleged to have been haunted by its notorious lord, whom was said to be trapped in some type of time-slip limbo playing cards with a dark hooded man.

Paranormal Shorts videos are small bite-sized presentations that give you brief information about Haunted Scotland locations and visits.

If you wish to find out more about this location, you can search this website for in-depth research and videos.

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Paranormal Activity Dysart | Haunted House

Paranormal Activity Dysart

Paranormal Activity DysartThe build up of negative energy seemed enough to trigger an almighty case of paranormal activity.

Looking back, the house was already subject to unusual occurrences, not for the first time would I come home – I lived alone – to find the TV on when I knew it was turned off before going to work.

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The Spirits of Christmas in Scotland

The Spirits of Christmas

The Spirits of ChristmasAs we all make those final preparations for the festive period, ready to indulge in The Spirits of Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to look at a different type of Christmas spirit.

Those who departed the physical, yet, still make themselves known during this time in Scotland.

There is no special time of day – or year – for activity of a spooky nature to transpire.

Paranormal activity will happen when it happens if it happens at all.

This is something I am careful to explain to people who join any event or public gathering that I’m working on.

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[Experience] Activity When Not Searching

The HouseBetween the years of 2010 & 2012, I took a little break from paranormal research and Investigation. I had a fair few other topics I was heavily searching into which I felt were so much larger than the continued searching for spirit on location.

These topics ranged from historical information about the afterlife, right through to modern-day spirituality, mind affecting matter, and a whole host of bigger picture topics on the nature of reality. Basically, I truly wanted answers to who we were, why we were here, and what it was all about.

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Deep Down Mary Kings Close

As I rearranged the trigger experiment – Items set up in the hope of capturing paranormal movement and thus some evidence of activity – an overwhelming feeling of dread moved over me like a cloud in a gathering storm.

You see, I was situated at the bottom of the famous Mary Kings Close in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I was separated from my team members, which included excellent people, such as Fiona Williamson, Ewan Irvine, and a few other very able people in the paranormal arena. It was late, a very dark night, the attraction had also closed for business…..

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Has anyone heard of ghostly vehicles?

I know it might seem odd but I think I may have seen one!

The following a reader submission to Haunted Scotland

To explain: My friend and I were on our way to North Uist and were driving the western route to Fort William and on to Kyle of Lochalsh. Anyway, we were north of Fort William driving through the winding roads of the Highlands and we both witnessed a set of headlights approaching us very quickly from behind. As it was early in the morning, and we thought it was a typical boy racer type, we pulled over to let him pass. As we did so, the lights disappeared and no car could be seen or heard!
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Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio

A photograph taken of a house in Ravenna seems to show the face of a girl peering out of a window.

Over the last 20 years Lu Ann Sicuro claims to have experienced multiple cases of paranormal phenomena at her home in Ravenna, Ohio. The strange occurrences included mysterious voices, unexplained sounds coming her closet and doorknobs rattling by themselves.

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My House Is Haunted – A True Ghost Story

Haunted house. True story. Woman’s house is haunted by ghosts of dead indians. True ghost story about a house built on an Indian burial ground.…UAxMzc2NTAyMjg5



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