Category: Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories, everyone loves them, yet we find that they can be lost and overlooked by many in the pursuit of evidence or elusive proof. We must not forget where the search begins and WHY we are at the stage of actively researching and seeking out paranormal activity.

This section consists of stories, videos and many different experiences at the grass root level. We hope you enjoy it fully.

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Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle

Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle The first ever paranormal investigation inside Glamis Castle with French national broadcaster France 2. Join Ryan O’Neill, Lynne Knight & Steve King as they attempt spirit communication with the known wandering spirits of this amazing…Read More »

Paranormal Activity Dysart | Haunted House

Paranormal Activity Dysart The build up of negative energy seemed enough to trigger an almighty case of paranormal activity. Looking back, the house was already subject to unusual occurrences, not for the first time would I come home – I lived alone…Read More »

The Spirits of Christmas in Scotland

The Spirits of Christmas As we all make those final preparations for the festive period, ready to indulge in The Spirits of Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to look at a different type of Christmas spirit. Those who departed the…Read More »