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Is Balvaird Castle Haunted

Is Balvaird Castle HauntedBalvaird Castle is a particularly fine – and complete – example of a traditional late medieval Scottish tower house, built around the year 1500 for Sir Andrew Murray, a younger son of the family of Murray of Tullibardine.

He acquired the lands of Balvaird, in Perthshire, through marriage to the heiress Margaret Barclay, a member of a wealthy family.

It is likely that Balvaird Castle was built on the site of an earlier Barclay family castle. Substantial remnants of earthwork fortifications around the Castle may survive from earlier defences.

As for paranormal activity, this castle is little known for such, with only a few pieces of anecdotal evidence, and thus it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence.

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Ghosts: Tantallon Castle 2015 – Is Tantallon Castle haunted

Is Tantallon Castle haunted?

Is Tantallon Castle HauntedTantallon Castle is a semi-ruined mid-14th-century fortress, situated east of North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland. It sits upon a promontory, opposite the Bass Rock, looking out onto the Firth of Forth.

This is the last medieval curtain wall castle to be constructed in Scotland. The Tantallon Castle haunted looking exterior comprises a single wall blocking off the headland, with the other three sides naturally protected by sea cliffs.

Tantallon was constructed in the 14th century by William Douglas, the 1st Earl of Douglas. It was then passed to his illegitimate son, George Douglas – whom later become the Earl of Angus – and despite several sieges, it remained the property of the family for much of its history. It was besieged by King James IV in 1491, and again by his successor James V in 1528, when extensive damage was done. Tantallon saw action in the First Bishops’ War in 1639, and again during Oliver Cromwell’s ruthless invasion of Scotland in 1651, when it was once more severely damaged.

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Perth Paranormal Festival: The Old Ship Inn

The Old Ship Inn, was Established in 1665 in the city of Perth in Scotland. The stunning little public house – which incidentally is Perth oldest one – sits at 31 Hight St in Perth, not far from the famous River Tay, that runs through this part of Scotland.

In times gone by, this location would have been a second home to sailors who would come off the ships on the Tay, and as they do, had a jolly old-time while moored.

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Spirits: Edzell Castle in Angus

Edzell Castle is a stunning semi-ruined 16th-century castle. It’s located close to Edzell, and is around 5 miles north of Brechin, in Angus, Scotland.

The Castle was constructed around 1520 by David Lindsay, the 9th Earl of Crawford, and then was expanded on by his son, Sir David Lindsay, Lord Edzell, who also laid out the garden in 1600’s.

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The Jacobite Series: Haunted History of Scotland

In the coming months, here at Haunted Scotland, we will be probing the Haunted History of Scotland. We will follow in the footsteps of the Jacobites, seek out locations associated with King Robert The Bruce, scramble across the country in search of Mary Queen of Scots and finally, lookout for the outlaw and national hero, William Wallace and his locations of interest.

We want to see if the conscious energies of these long gone physical figures still frequent their past locations of interest.

Come join us in the search, as we start with the Jacobite Risings, here at Haunted Scotland….

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Ruthven Barracks

Ruthven Barracks, Scotland, are the smallest but best preserved of the four barracks built in 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising. Set on an old castle mound, the complex comprises two large three-storey blocks occupying two sides of the enclosure, each with two rooms per floor.

Destroyed by Jacobites following their retreat after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, the Barracks ruins are maintained as an Ancient Monument by Historic Scotland.

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The Ragged School – Edinburgh

This location sits in an area so famous that it beggars belief that it had not come onto the radar of anyone, that is until myself and a few colleagues Investigated the building back in the 2006/7 era.

Not only were we the first to get access to this long forgotten treasure of intrigue and genuine spookiness, it had also not been opened to the public in over 100 years. Well, certainly not the upper floors.

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Video: Crail Airfield

Crail Aerodrome, to the north of the town, started life as a naval air station during The First World War. In the run-up to the Second World War it became HMS Jackdaw.

After the war, the airfield was taken over by the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Bruce.

One Paranormal witness report, from Mr McCowat, a Fife local, describes a visit as a child, where on the way back down from the roof of the main tower, a door slammed shut behind them. It was a calm day and no logical explanation was available for such an action.

Could the servicemen still be active in this location, after death….

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Scotstarvit Tower – Information Wanted

On the 26th May 2014, we Investigated, observed and researched the stunning small tower that is Scotstarvit Tower, in Fife.

During our day time visit – where we gathered video, audio and photography – we found that contrary to the lack of material and Information with regards to paranormal possibilities, that we had many characteristics associated with an active location, or at least, one with great interest and worthy of further research.

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Scotstarvit Tower in Fife, Scotland

Scotstarvit Tower, situated 2 miles south of Cupar, between Tarvit Hill and Walton Hill, south of the River Eden, near the A916 road.

The six-storey tower is still intact, and was built in the 16th century by the Inglis family. It was purchased, in 1611, by Sir John Scot. Sir Scot rebuilt the tower in the 1620s. Scotstarvit later passed to the Wemyss family, and in 1948 it was given to the National Trust for Scotland. It’s currently looked after by Historic Scotland.

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