Book: Haunted Kirkcaldy

Compiled by paranormal investigator Gregor Stewart, this new book contains a chilling range of spooky tales from around Kirkcaldy. From haunted public houses, which have left both customers and staff terrified, to the ruins of the ancient Ravenscraig Castle, which still attract a mysterious visitor many years after their death, this collection of ghostly goings-on, …

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UFO’s Werewolves & The Pig-Man

The eternally mysterious woodlands of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England are known throughout the world as an entry point for bizarre and unearthly, paranormal phenomena. From werewolf sightings and spectral encounters, to documented UFO crashes and spooky urban legends, this supernatural portal area experiences more inexplicable activity than you even dare imagine.

Medium7 by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe

For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and people from all walks of life have wondered if there is life after death and whether anyone can truly predict the future. Today, in a time of great spiritual awakening, the answers to these questions hold remarkable insights into the nature of our existence and the manner in which we …

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New Publication: Banshee

A new publication available July 19th in paperback, Kindle, Nook & iBook. The Banshee, is she to be feared, loathed or is she simply misunderstood? Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain explore some of the history of this very famous entity of myth and legend to reveal things are not possibly what they seem.

UFO Case Files of Scotland Volume 2

UFO and Paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson takes another look at the hundreds of UFO sightings that have been witnessed in the Scottish skies. Our journey takes us from the Scottish Borders up through to Central Scotland and onwards to the very tip of North West Scotland, areas of which have been subjected to some amazing …

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Haunted Second World War Airfields Book

For 15 years, the author has been studying R.A.F. airfields and the paranormal phenomena that have been reported from them, and to date has accounts from over 250 haunted RAF airfields in the UK. These begin with ghostly reports at Montrose and Scopwick during World War 1 and continue to be witnessed to the present …

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Ghost Hunted – The Begininng Of The Mike Taylor Series

Ghost Hunted As most paranormal investigators Mike Taylor has a personal life too. Trying to make things work with his girlfriend Samantha. But as he is trying to work things out with her, the paranormal group he started gets a case. These clients unlike any other wants to pay them. Never before have they received …

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From the Graves of Babes [Kindle Edition]

From the Graves of Babes [Kindle Edition] The unsolved disappearance of his ten-year-old daughter, Samantha, drives MCI executive, Patrick Hanna, to drinking, divorce, and a desperate attempt to save his shattered life. His plan is simple: get out of the city and go back to Fork Mountain, stay in the old family cabin above Richwood, …

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