Spiritual Impressions: Perth Pub

On the 24th October 2014, the city of Perth, in Scotland, will hold its first ever paranormal festival.

Here is a short clip from a public house that will feature on the program. Bryan Boyle, mystic, can be seen here tuning into spirit, while Lynne & Gary take notes.

Please excuse the audio, the action camera was still in its waterproof case which unfortunately muffled the audio slightly.

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Spiritual Impressions: Bryan Boyle at Greyfriars

It’s a part of life and reality; the simple fact that we have a large percentage of people who claim a gift, and ability, to speak with those who have passed away. Within the mentioned percentage we can go deeper, to those who fly under the radar of public awareness and carry on happily in their purpose to help people who grieve.

Many will not surface, sticking their head above the parapet, mainly due to the few who feel the urge to ridicule, discredit and attack those; who’s only chore in life is to assist others.

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Bryan Boyle

Bryan continues as a guest medium for many of the top paranormal companies and charities in Britain, using his abilities alongside many of the other well known stars of the stage and screen and celebrity mediums and sensitives in the UK.

Bryan also continues to advise other well known faces and others from all walks of life from the UK and around the world in a spiritual awareness capacity and self awareness consultancy approach when asked to do so.

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Gordon Smith

Hailed as “Britain’s most accurate medium” Gordon has been featured in numerous television documentaries including the BBC’s Everyman, “Mediums: Talking With the Dead” 3 part series as well as appearing as an expert guest on various shows such as This Morning, Richard and Judy and the BBC’s Heaven and Earth. Gordon has also presented one of the nation’s favourite paranormal shows, Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’, as well as his own series on the Biography Channel. He even managed to find the time to squeeze in a cameo in a Jacki Collins movie, Paris Connections!

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John Edward – USA

For the last 3 decades, psychic medium John Edward has been helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side. John is a tireless warrior for the work and lectures and tours the world to teach people that life and love are eternal.

He has made countless high profile television and radio appearances: Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Ellen, and more. And he continues to be a go-to media psychic resource.

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Lisa Williams

I (Ryan) am very particular about recommending anyone to the public and I truly need to have my socks blown off if it’s someone who is claiming to be gifted. The reason being, we are dealing with people’s emotions and I take the subject very serious indeed. I am very open-minded but I am also cautious and use the open mind to all areas both believing or sceptical. This new section of the site, that will recommend not just Scottish, but worldwide people was set up after witnessing Lisa Williams work on Youtube. I was so blown away that I had to share her work and take on-board the extra work to provide likewise people to the public. So without further Information from me, here is the fabulous Lisa Williams…..

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