Pure Hypothesis

In this section we have hypothetical articles, thoughts and real out-of-box leading edge research into areas not even imagined by mainstream.

Staying rigid in application and with an air of knowing it all is the real harm to research into this field of discovery. Lets remove the box and dig deep into the unknown.

Investigating in the Dark

Too often it has been asserted that any seances or investigations must be conducted in the dark.; this seems to me to be more in tune with the witnessing of phenomenon in Gothic novels rather than physical phenomenon during a paranormal investigation. And then contrary to the logic of the above people start taking flash …

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Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation by Dr Ian Stevenson

Reincarnation pioneer, Dr Ian Stevenson presents cases of children who claim to remember previous lives, and people with birth marks and birth defects. Ian Pretyman Stevenson (October 31, 1918 – February 8, 2007) was a Canadian psychiatrist. He worked for the University of Virginia School of Medicine for 50 years, as chair of the department …

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Apparitions and their colours?

We have all heard about the local stories of the green lady, the white lady, the blue lady and, well, all different colours really. So why the different selection of colours we must ask, what causes one report to differ from another and what are the probabilities or reasons of such? Well I have my …

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Geomagnetics & Nonsentients

I am interested in assessing exactly how a non-sentient ghost is physically recorded, assuming of course that Wiseman et al are incorrect in their assumption of the non-sentient hallucination (the Stone Tape). If it is possible to understand the mechanics of recording, it should be possible to suggest a modus whereby the replay may be …

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