Spiritual Impressions: Greyfriars Burial Ground In Perth

Greyfriars Burial Ground was established in 1580, when the kirkyard of St John’s Kirk ran out of space for more graves. The site was chosen due to its long-established religious tradition.

What would Bryan uncover from a spiritual impressions perspective here?

Lets find out…..

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Greyfriars Burial Ground – Energies Stirring.

I have often said – hypothesised through my own observations and research – that as soon as you start conducting any type of renovation work, which can include rehousing of old structures – or items for that matter – then you could begin to see the manifestation of paranormal activity.

I even spoke briefly with a lovely person yesterday, who asked for some advice, and quickly it became apparent that the family were in the process of renovating which sparked parts of the activity they were experiencing.

I will not go any further in that case due to confidentiality and respect, but instead, lets look at Greyfriars Burial Ground as a good example.

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Greyfriars in Perth, Scotland.

Greyfriars Burial Ground was established in 1580 when the kirkyard of St John’s Kirk ran out of space for more graves. The site was chosen due to its long-established religious tradition.

A Franciscan Friary was founded here in 1496 you see, which was the boundaries of Perth. The friary was completely destroyed at the start of the Reformation due to rioting following a very passionate sermon given by John Knox.

With such history, and destruction, is it any surprise that we now see more and more paranormal experiences surfacing from here.

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Ghost Activity: The Mercure Perth Hotel

We have all heard of the hauntings in Edinburgh and we also know and attend many events in places such as Inveraray, Glasgow, Jedburgh and Aberdeen, but rarely do we hear much from the City of Perth, in terms of opportunities to seek out possible hauntings.

Well, that is about to change and my advice is to be fast as this one will not last long….

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Spiritual Impressions: Perth Pub

On the 24th October 2014, the city of Perth, in Scotland, will hold its first ever paranormal festival.

Here is a short clip from a public house that will feature on the program. Bryan Boyle, mystic, can be seen here tuning into spirit, while Lynne & Gary take notes.

Please excuse the audio, the action camera was still in its waterproof case which unfortunately muffled the audio slightly.

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The Salutation Hotel

Reputed to be one of the oldest hotels in Scotland, the Salutation Hotel has been welcoming guests since 1699.

The Salutation Hotel, affectionately named the ‘Sally’, in Perth, has been providing accommodation to guests since 1699. In September 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie marched from the Island of Eriskay and continued right across the mainland of Scotland.

He made use of the Salutation Hotel in Perth as his main headquarters, and today we have a main bedroom – which is accessible – where he would have slept.

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Echovox: Maggie Wall Monument

On the return journey from Huntingtower Castle, in Perthshire, I decided to stop by a rather mysterious location. The Maggie Wall’s Monument.

This rather odd and mysterious monument has caused much debate. Who is Maggie Wall? No one seems to have any records to show the answer to such a question.

Who built this rather unique and imposing monument, and was such a witch really burnt here?

I try the Echovox device at the location, with a few rather strange replies.

Lets Listen…..

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Castle Menzies

Once known as Weem Castle, this stunning location – which is nestled within the beautiful Scottish countryside of Highland Perthshire – is an ancestral seat of the Clan Menzies and thus, is now affectionately known as Castle Menzies.

Castle Menzies is located a little to the west of the small village of Weem, near Aberfeldy in Scotland.

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The Huntingtower Sensation!

As I stood in this area of Huntingtower Castle [photo left], I began to feel very cold. I soaked up the atmosphere, opened my mind to the possibilities and then…..I feel a sensation of icy coldness creeping up my arms, which then manifested as a pins and needles sensation.

This stayed with me for a few seconds, I then began to walk the room, asking out for any presence to walk with me.

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Huntingtower Castle

So Haunted Scotland takes the trip north from Fife to visit an old haunt. Huntingtower Castle sits in the fantastic scenic region of Perthshire and in good company too, with Scone Palace and Elcho castle not much more than a stone throw away.

Huntingtower was once named the “Place Of Ruthven” until around the 1600’s which would be in accordance with the noble family of Ruthvens.

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