Ghost hunters to gather at Mary King’s Close

Posted on Friday, May 05 – 2006

A paranormal conference is to take place in one of Edinburgh’s most haunted locations. A host of mediums, psychics and fans of the paranormal will descend on Mary King’s Close next week for the Ghost Fest event. Organiser Scottish Paranormal will hold vigils, some of which will be all night long, in the famous tourist landmark off the Royal Mile as well as the Edinburgh Vaults on Blair Street. Membersof the public will get the chance to accompany an investigating team that will try and establish if ghosts are present.
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Spirited efforts to find spooks

A STRANGE light is swirling in the dark rain-filled sky above Hailes Castle. Beneath it, four shadowy figures emerge through the gloom next to a ruined tower, their faces obscured in the dark of the night.
As they approach, a weird yellowish glow appears to surround them and an ominous whirring sound fills the air, getting louder and more alien with every step.

Suddenly one of the figures speaks: “Well, I’ve never seen anything like that before, have you Ryan?”
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The ghosts of Mary King’s Close

 Published on Thursday 5 May 2005 13:06

THE DARK, claustrophobic streets running off the Royal Mile lead away from the light and downhill into the shadows. These half-forgotten reminders of Edinburgh’s insanitary past provide a perfect setting for a suitably spooky atmosphere. Largely built upon the ruins of centuries gone by, it is not just those of a sensitive nature who feel a certain frisson when they walk past.

Admitting to a spine-chilling creepiness is one thing, but deciding that you believe in ghosts is quite another.There are few places better situated to debating paranormal phenomena than Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh’s notoriously haunted spot below the City Chambers. The close was inhabited during the 16th and 17th centuries before the plague ravaged families living in the tightly packed tenement buildings. A century after the illness broke out, the city partly sealed the abandoned homes and alleyways, prompting chilling stories about paranormal sightings of previous inhabitants.
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Old school spirit refuses to die away

Published on Thursday 3 May 2007 12:09 – NO-ONE could remember the last time a living human soul had ventured there. Certainly, it’s been closed off to the public for more than 100 years – though few of the tourists and residents trundling past on their way to the Castle would even be aware of its existence.

Staff at the next door Camera Obscura use the bottom two floors of the long-neglected Ragged School, but admit no-one goes up to the top two floors.

So when Edinburgh medium Ewan Irvine, of Scottish Paranormal, and his team carried out a recce of the building recently in preparation for an event at this month’s annual Ghost Fest, they weren’t quite sure what to expect. But on a bright Saturday afternoon, with the happy chatter of Castle visitors clearly audible from the street outside and sunshine streaming through the cobweb-covered windows, it became clear that they were more likely to uncover health and safety issues than ghostly encounters.
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