Macduff’s Castle

Region: Fife
Location: East Wemyss, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 – 56.162496,-3.05803

Details: MacDuff’s Castle is a ruined castle near East Wemyss, in Fife, Scotland. The site is associated with the MacDuff Earls of Fife, the most powerful family in Fife in the middle ages, although nothing survives from this period. The present ruins are the remains of the home of the Wemyss family, who lived here from the 14th century, and their successors in the 16th century. (Wiki)

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Melgund Castle

Region : Perthshire
Location : Glen Lyon

Details :
In very early times the land on both sides of Glen Lyon as far south as Loch Awe, belonged to Clan Gregor There was a Keep on the site of the present day Meggernie Castle that would have commanded the whole district.
Robert II, who ruled from 1370 to 1390, confiscated the Keep and conferred it upon his illegitimate son, Sir John Stewart of Cardney. With the Campbells on the south of the glen and the Stewarts on the north, the Gregors were between two fires and lost all their possessions in the district.
Though the exact date of the erection of the oldest existing part of Meggernie Castle has not been established, there is a Charter in the “Register of the Great Seal,” dated 4th March 1603, whereby James VI. confers upon Duncan Campbell of Glen Lyon, certain lands which were united to make up the Barony of Glen Lyon, the chief house of the baron being named as “the Tower called Meggernie.”
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Melville Castle

Region : Midlothian
Location : less than a mile west-south-west of Dalkeith

Details :
Built in 1786 on the site of the old medieval castle for the first Viscount Melville, it is described as of important historical and architectural significance. Melville Castle has been restored and refurbished to provide a superb luxury Hotel only 6 miles from Edinburgh city centre. The castle is set in a secluded situation on the bank of the North Esk river within a fifty acre wooded estate.
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Muchalls Castle

Region : Aberdeenshire
Location : 5 miles north of Stonehaven, at muchall

Details :
Muchalls Castle was originally a 13th century stone tower house, founded by the Frasers. The small L-shaped castle was started in 1613 by Alexander Burnett of Leys who acquired the land at Muchalls from the Frasers and, in began building a castle and in 1627 his son, Sir Thomas Burnet finished the project. It has very fine plaster ceilings and a secret staircase. A chapel was included in the original design which served the Episcopalian communities of Muchalls and Skateraw. There is supposed to be a lost underground passage leading to the smugglers’ cove at Gin Shore.
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