Loch Leven Castle

Is Loch Leven Castle Haunted?

 Is Loch Leven Castle Haunted Loch Leven Castle is relatively small, consisting mainly of an outer curtain wall, the tower house and another smaller tower called the “Glassin Tower”.

Probably originating as a small stone-built keep Loch Leven was a royal castle from 1257.

The English Army built a fortress there at the end of the 13th century. Slightly later The English besieged the castle in 1301, but it was saved by John Comyn before it could be captured.

Blind Harry’s story of William Wallace suggests he may have captured it and it was certainly in Scottish hands when Robert the Bruce came to the castle in 1313 and again in 1323.

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Lauriston Castle

Region : Midlothian
Location : 2a Cramond Road South Davidson’s Mains. Edinburgh
Details : Originally a 1590s tower house, the castle was built for Sir Archibald Napier, and extended during 1824-27 the castle was extended and modernised for the then owner, Thomas Allen, In 1902 the castle was purchased by William Robert Reid. In 1926 Reid’s widow, Margaret, in fulfilment of their joint intentions, left the castle in Trust, to the Nation.
Paranormal Phenomena : The sound of slippered feet shuffling round the castle has been heard which belong to an old butler who worked there.

Linlithgow Palace

Region : West Lothian
Location : Linlithgow
Details : This was the castle of the Stewart kings of Scotland from the 15th century . In 1512 Mary, Queen of Scots was born here. For more details see the feature page on Undiscovered scotland

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Littledean Tower

Region : Berwickshire
Location : near Ploughlands Farm
Details : Littledean Tower, near Ploughlands Farm, was formerly a very important defended house. For many years it was the home of the Kers of Littledean, a branch of the Kers of Cessford. It makes use of the unusual site which it commands with the River Tweed on the north side and a burn to the east. The west end was built in the form of a half-moon and the east an oblong square – overall it is D-shaped. The banks on either side are about 100feet high and very steep
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Lordscairnie Castle

Lordscairnie Castle
Region : Fife
Location :
Details : Little remains of the original keep and tower of the 15/16th century building which was built for the Earls of Crawford. The loch which used to surround the castle has been drained and it is said that treasure is buried nearby.
Paranormal Phenomena : The 4th Earl of Crawford is said to be seen playing cards with the devil at midnight each New Year’s Eve.