Ghost Voices – Haddo House P1

Haddo House is a Scottish stately home located in Aberdeenshire, approximately 20 miles north of Aberdeen. It’s currently owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Haddo House in Aberdeen, is said to be haunted by a spirit named Archie, June Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair – who owned this property – said the spirit was her late husband’s uncle. She continues:  “He was killed in 1908 in one of the first motor crashes. I believe he talks – he once told someone that he wanted to see his parents again. I only put married couples in his old room, because it can be quite frightening.

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Ghost Voices: Echovox at Overtoun Bridge Session 1

At Overtoun Bridge, Milton, West Dunbartonshire we have a very peculiar case of dogs allegedly jumping from a set point upon the bridge.

We were there to ask the question: Why are they doing this ?

This is the hidden first video – possible spirit voices – now being released, after the TV episode aired!

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Spirit Voices: The Salutation Hotel

Reputed to be one of the oldest hotels in Scotland, the Salutation Hotel has been welcoming guests since 1699.

The Salutation Hotel, affectionately named the ‘Sally’, in Perth, has been providing accommodation to guests since 1699. In September 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie marched from the Island of Eriskay and continued right across the mainland of Scotland.

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Spirit Voices: Dirleton Castle Part Two

Following on from the Spirit Voices presented in video one, from Dirleton Castle, we have the second part which gives us more audio captures from this stunning location.

This is the final part from this location…..

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Spirit Voices: Are These Real

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone knows exactly how the process of gathering these audio files – via the Echovox software – actually works.

I tend to find that some of my previous articles are easily digested by current researchers – and explorers of the paranormal genre – yet forgetting the grass-roots of paranormal experiences, which actually comes from the public at large.

I mean, it’s very easy for people to listen to the captures and think WOW, but some may have doubts about authenticity of these files, and may be rather confused about the ‘how’ of such.

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Spirit Voices: Dirleton Castle

This location has been no stranger to mysterious stories, along with local myths and legends.

The Devil himself is said to have turned up on the grassy green beneath the castle wall in June 1649, allegedly taking the physical form of ‘a large black shadow man’.

Several of his accused witches were held in Dirleton’s pit prison, where legend says the Devil’s marks were found upon them by the witch-finder John Kincaid. They remained in the pit until the order for their execution – which happened to be strangling and burning – came through from Parliament.

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Spirit Communication: Steve Huff helps lost souls.

The following is from Steve Huff’s Youtube Channel, as I continue to follow his work and leading edge research into Spirit Voices.

Steve Says: I am using a device known as a “spirit box” here and it is one of the best ever made, no longer available. Called the Mini Box Plus. This allows for real-time spirit communication when the operator is “connected” to the spirit world.

What mainly comes through are earthbound stuck spirits who have yet to cross over. Many are in need of help and some sound desperate and sad.

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Spirits: Edzell Castle in Angus

Edzell Castle is a stunning semi-ruined 16th-century castle. It’s located close to Edzell, and is around 5 miles north of Brechin, in Angus, Scotland.

The Castle was constructed around 1520 by David Lindsay, the 9th Earl of Crawford, and then was expanded on by his son, Sir David Lindsay, Lord Edzell, who also laid out the garden in 1600’s.

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Spirit Voices: Bannockburn

At the Battle of Bannockburn, in June 1314, Bruce defeated a much larger English army under the control of Edward II, confirming the re-establishment of an independent Scotland. The battle marked a significant turning point, and, freed from English threats, Scotland’s armies could now invade northern England if need be.

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Spirit Voices: Balquhidder Kirkyard

Balquhidder Kirkyard is a traditional place of worship that goes back some 4000+ years. The Celts are said to believe that this particular location is a “thin place” where the earth plane and spirit planes are at their closest.

I decided to visit the area – conducting some non-intrusive audio sessions – in the hope of picking up something via sound waves, that could then be further analysed before being presented here at Haunted Scotland.

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