Category: Ghost Voices

Haunted Scotland looks at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits or non-physical energies. This is achieved using either modified fast scanning radio device, or the Echovox application, prompting manipulation by any alleged spiritual beings.

In this section, you will find a whole host of such captures, to explore at your leisure. All future work will be placed under the Ghost Voices label.

Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs – Sessions 18th April 2015

Ryan O’Neil and team – Tammy O’Neill, Lynne and Gary Knight and Janice Dodds were at Jedburgh Jail leading a public investigation. The team is becoming well known for the quality of their public events and are hoping to expand in the…Read More »

[Tutorial] Echovox 3.0 Settings & Information

Ryan O’Neill of Haunted Scotland does a brief overview of the new updated Echovox 3.0, and shows how simple it is, still, to use and gain good captures from. Do you want to see more videos on how to gain material while…Read More »

Echovox Audio: Ghost Events Scotland at The Pearce Institute

The Pearce Institute at Govan Cross was designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson in the style of a very large 17th century Scottish townhouse. It was commissioned to be built by Lady Dinah Pearce in memory of her husband Sir William Pearce,…Read More »

Live Echovox Sessions on Ghost Events Scotland

Live Echovox Sessions with Ryan O’Neill at a plethora of haunted Scottish locations as part of the Ghost Events Scotland investigations. Ryan starts off by explaining what is about to transpire during the public sessions, preparing the public for the possible communication,…Read More »