Earlshall Castle

Region : Fife
Location : Leuchars

Details : Slightly different from the standard L-plan tower house possessing an oval tower on one of the external angles, a stair tower in the re-entrant angle and wall and range form a courtyard with the main block.
Construction of the castle began in 1546 by Sir William Bruce and was completed by his great-grandson in 1617. The castle fell into disrepair and was rescued from ruin in 1891 by Sir Robert Lorimer.

Paranormal Phenomena : Allegedly Haunted by the spirit of a soldier, named Bruce, who is believed to have fought at Flodden ?

Also witnessed has been the apparition of a serving woman.

Edinburgh Castle

Region : Midlothian
Location : Edinburgh
Details : see scotland calling / geo.ed.ac.uk / ttourist-information
Paranormal Phenomena : Edinburgh Castle has more than one ghost. The most famous is one of the piper, the pipes of whom are said to be heard emanating from the walls of the building. The piper is said to be that of a man sent down an underground tunnel, using the sound of his pipes it was thought it would be easy to follow the way of the tunnel. At the start, it was working well, but slowly, the music seemed to get more and more quiet and deeper under the ground, and finally disappear. Instead of going into the tunnel to see what happened to the piper, it is alleged that the tunnel was sealed and forgetten about. It is still alleged to hear the sound of the pipes deep inside the tunnel on the street level of the Royal Mile.
The second alleged apparition is of a drummer, some say headless, who has it seems appeared to visitors and inhabitants alike since the middle of the 17th century. His identity is lost – his appearance is taken as a harbinger of war. The sound of the drum is said to still disturb inhabitants during the night. The drummer was supposedly sighted as recently as 1960.

There is also a phantom piper playing on the battlements

There are alleged to be the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War
There is said to be a ghost dog wandering in the grounds’ dog cemetery the dog has also been heard..

The wyrdology.com site records that “What makes the Edinburgh castle dungeons special is that the presence of ghosts – or at least the presence of something – has been proven scientifically. In 2001 a research project studied the reactions of people to various parts of the dungeons and surrounding areas. These visitors – who had no previous knowledge of the castle – “felt” something far more often in the areas with a reputation for being haunted than anywhere else.

Dr. Richard Wiseman who ran the project does not think this is evidence of ghosts. He believes it is evidence of some perceptual phenomena, possibly a result of lighting, that could be connected with many ghost sightings.

Eilean Donan Castle

Region : Invernessshire
Location : Dornie

Details : Apart from some fragments of early defences beside the castle walls, the precise line of an earlier fort is buried.

The present castle was constructed in 1220 by Alexander II, it subsequently became a stronghold of the Mackenzies of Kintail (later the Earls of Seaforth) who installed the MacRaes as hereditary keepers. In 1719, it was destroyed whilst acting as a garrison for Spanish troops fighting for the Jacobite cause on behalf of the 5th Earl of Seaforth. Restoration work started two hundred years later and was not completed until 1932.

Paranormal Phenomena : said to be the haunt of a Spanish solider, killed either in the castle or at a nearby battle.  One of the bedrooms is alleged to be haunted by a ghost known only as Lady Mary.

Please see the locations webcam at: http://www.eileandonancastle.com/eilean-donan-webcam.htm

Elcho Castle

Region : Perth
Location : Elcho
Details : nothing remains of an earlier castle and the present building dates back to about 1570. the main structure is of a massive tower house plus an outer courtyard and ranges of buildings to the south ; unfortunately only fragmentary remains of which survive. In 1830 the Eighth Earl of Wemyss re-roofed the tower house and pulled down most of the buildings in the outer courtyard. In 1929, the Eleventh Earl placed the castle in the care of the State, and it is today in the custody of Historic Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena :
Elcho Castle was Investigated by Ryan O’Neill back in 2005 along with members of the old Scottish Paranormal team. This was one of the first locations visited and it yielded good material and was a stunning location but paranormal activity was non-existent at that time. Ryan did come away with a rather nasty scratch on his forearm but it was decided at the time that it may have been caused by his clothing, although it was hard to get a definite conclusion. Please check back for more material on this location….it shall be added before the end of winter 2012.

Ethie Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Inverkeilor
Details : dates from around 1300 when a sandstone keep was built by the Abbot and Monks of Arbroath Abbey. In about 1530, the castle was remodelled around a courtyard.

Paranormal Phenomena : The appariton of an old man is alleged to have been seen mainly on a narrow staircase that leads to a secret doorway in the bedroom once belonging to Cardinal Beaton. A dragging noise and unexplained footsteps have been heard on regular occasions in these areas. The figure is always alluded to as Cardinal Beaton, notorious for putting hundreds of Protestants to death during the 16th century : Shortly after his death his ghost was seen at Ethie.