Corgarff Castle

Corgarff Castle Haunting

Corgarff CastleRegion: Grampian
Location: 10 miles SE of Tomintoul

Details: Built as a hunting lodge in 1537 but became a residence of the Forbes family. See the undiscovered scotland website for more in-depth details.

After the Jacobite risings of the 18th century, it was rebuilt as a barracks and a detachment of government troops was stationed there. Military use continued until 1831, after which the tower served as a distillery and housed local workers.

Paranormal Phenomena: It’s alleged that screams can be heard during times of Corgarff Castlehistorical reenactment at this location. These mimic the great attack of 1571, where Adam Gordon of Auchindoun, besieged this stunning castle ultimately burning it down with the occupants still inside.

Margaret Forbes, the Chief’s wife, and twenty-six others – including children – died a gruesome death here.

Is it any wonder that spiritual activity has been reported. Such is the emotion, history and deep-seated grief here, we may be witnessing anything form residual energy to actual sentient activity, especially in the Barrack Room.

We visited this castle in November 2018 as part of a more comprehensive road trip around northern Scotland (Highlands) During such a gathering of visual data, and audio recordings were conducted from outside the location. Here is one such audio “He’s Not Scottish” was clearly caught via ITC Techniques.

Haunted History Road Trip – Highlands Of Scotland

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Castle Stuart

Region : Invernessshire
Location : Petty Parish, Inverness- Near to Culloden
Details : Built in 1625 by James Stuart, it was rebuilt in 1869 although soon left to ruin. Now restored and run as a hotel

Paranormal Phenomena : This castle has been rumoured to be haunted since the 18th century.
There have been recent discoveries of hidden rooms and staircases, previously walled up. According to the website of the castle : “The Three-Turret Haunted Bedroom at the top of the East Tower is the room where, a long time ago, when the Earl of Moray was looking for someone to spend the night at Castle Stuart to prove to everyone that it was not haunted – he asked the minister at Petty Church to offer a £20 reward. The local poacher, known as Big Angus, was neither afraid of man nor beast and he’s recorded to have spent the night in this room. The next morning, unfortunately they found his body in the courtyard, dead, with a look of horror frozen on his face. “

Cawdor Castle

Region : Highland
Location : 5 miles SW of Nairn

Details : Dating from the late 14th century it was built as a private fortress by the Thanes of Cawdor. The ancient medieval tower was built around a legendary holly-tree. The House has evolved over its 600 years history and later additions of the 17th century were all built in the Scottish vernacular style having slated roofs and crow-stepped gables of mellow local stone.

Paranormal Phenomena : A ghost wearing a blue velvet dress has been reported being seen in the castle : this is locally assumed to be Muriel Calder,an heiress who was kidnapped at the age of 12 and married to the Earl of Argyll’s son, Sir John Campbell in 1511.

Alternatively : The alleged ghost of a handless girl walks the environs of this castle. In local folklore she is claimed to be the ghost of a daughter of an earl of Cawdor, who defied her father’s will by courting the son of the chief of an enemy clan . When the earl discovered this he chased her to a chamber in the highest tower of the castle, where as she lowered herself from the window, her father severed her hands with his sword and sent her plummeting to her death.
In addition the apparition of John Campbell, 1st Lord of Cawdor is alleged to haunt the castle.

According to the Aberdeen Press and Journal of August 8, 1997, Alison Clark, the dowager’s personal assistant, said that many inexplicable things have been seen and heard there. In one recent episode, observed by two female tourists, the apparition, clad in a long blue dress made of velvet, put a hand on a railing in the gallery atop the drawing room. This could not have been a visitor as that would have tripped the security alarms. The episode occurred in early August 1997, as a mother and daughter, both English, had visited the drawing room for some four minutes. Becoming aware of a “presence,” they saw the blue-clad woman standing/floating in the minstrels’ gallery above. After approximately a minute, the thing disappeared. Other people in attendance did not spot anything. They reported the sighting to Alex Boyd, a security person.

The present dowager has seen Cawdor’s ghost. She considers any ghosts in residence to be friendly.

Claypotts Castle

Region : Angus
Location : 1 mile NW of Broughty Ferry, near Dundee

Details :
a Z-plan tower house – a rectangular block with round towers at two of the diagonally opposite corners. Two turnpike stairs – one for the family, one for the staff – can be seen in the angles created by the towers. The towers are fairly plain until they reach the square garret chambers perched at the top. They bear the dates 1569-88 which is presumably when they were constructed. In 1601, the Strachan family moved out and sold the castle to Sir William Graham of Ballunie who owned land in the region. His son David was possibly the last owner to actually live at the castle. After the battle of Killicrankie, the castle and land reverted to the State and were granted to James, second Marquis of Douglas in whose family it remained for centuries, passing into the Homes family by marriage. For further details see rampant scotland

Paranormal Phenomena : The castle is said to be haunted by a “White Lady” who is seen at a window in the castle each 29 May.

Although always claimed to be the ghost of Marion Ogilvie, the mistress of Cardinal Beaton, murdered in St Andrews – on 29 May 1546 the facts do not fit the fable as the castle had not been built by 1546 and she lived at Melgund Castle.

Corstorphine Castle

Region : Midlothian
Location : W of Edinburgh

Details : Nothing remains of Corstorphine Castle apart from the ancient dovecot that stands near the east end of Dovecot Road in Corstorphine, a suburb on the northwest side of Edinburgh. The castle was destroyed in the eighteenth century. Beside the dovecot once stood an old, gnarled sycamore tree, the last of an avenue of trees that led westwards towards the castle – it finally gave way during a storm on the night of December 26th, 1998.

Paranormal Phenomena : Allegedly haunted by a white lady often identified with Christian Nimmo, said to have murdered her lover in 1679 during an argument and for which she was tried and sentenced to death.

Cortachy Castle

Region : Tayside
Location : 7 miles NW of Forfar

Details : 15th century Z plan Courtyard Casle, much altered.

Paranormal Phenomena : The ghostly drummer of Cortachy is allegedly heard when a member of the Ogilvy family is to die at the castle. In folklore, the drummer boy betrayed the Ogilvys by failing to warn them of an approaching enemy force. He suffered their revenge by being thrown from the battlements inside his drum. Elliot o’Donnell’s brush with the Cortachy Castle Drummer may be read at horrormasters in PDF format.

To attest to the efficacy of the Drummer it is on record that At Christmas in 1844 a Miss Dalrymple was a guest at the castle. The evening Miss Dalrymple arrived she heard the beating of a drum as she dressed for dinner. During dinner she questioned her host about the identity of the drummer. The Lord and Lady Airlie paled at this question and told Miss Dalrymple that the last time the drummer was heard, the first Lady Airlie died shortly after. The next morning, Miss Dalrymple was treated to another serenade by drummer.

Spooked, Miss Dalrymple fled the castle immediately. Within six months, Lady Airlie died apparently by her own hand as there was a note left indicating that she knew the Drummer was beating for her.

It was on August 19, 1849 that the drummer gave another serenade to a visiting Englishman in a shooting party He questioned several about the drumming only to be told they had heard nothing. However he was told that the 9th Earl of Airlie had become seriously ill requiring Lord Ogilvy’s presence. The Earl died the next day.

In 1881 the drum was heard by both Lady Dalkeith and Lady Skelmersdale and that same night the then Lord Airlie died in North America. The family were later to learn that the sound of the drum was heard exactly one hour before his death

Craigievar Castle

Region : Aberdeenshire
Location : Alford

Details : The castle a seven-storey castle built to the L-shaped tower plan was completed in 1626 by William Forbes, brother of the Bishop of Aberdeen. With much to see inside – the great hall with fireplace with the Stuart Arms, musician’s gallery, secret staircase, drawing room, Queen’s bedroom, painted ceilings, servants’ quarters, etc. today it is in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena : The Blue Bedroom is the alleged haunt of one of the Gordon clan members, who either fell from a window or was pushed to his death by “Red” Sir John Forbes. Several witnesses have attested to hearing someone climbing the stairs to the Blue Bedroom,  One of the other ghosts is one of a musician, who is very selective (he shows himself just to people with the name of Forbes). He fell in the moat of the castle and drowned.

The Blue Room is known as ‘the ghost room’ on account of the frequent disturbances. Shadowy figures are alleged to have been seen particularly by the window. Many of the alleged supernatural happenings take place in The Blue Room: Temperature fluctuations, music and PK events especially with the the door, in addition footsteps have been heard climbing the staircase to this room  An unidentified apparition has been seen on the stairs

The apparition of an unidentified man has been witnessed in the Great Hall,
In the School Room there have been reports of the sensation of hands touching guides and Paranormal footsteps are alleged to be heard in the corridors and larger rooms

Craignethan Castle

Region :Lanarkshire
Location : Draffan

Details : On an easily defensible position on a promontory overlooking the River Nethan. A Detailed description can be found at the undiscovered scotland. website

Paranormal Phenomena : Mary Queen of Scots is said to have spent the night there before the Battle of Langside and the castle is said to be haunted by her (minus her head, which was removed at her execution!).

Other apparitions have been seen in the courtyard of the castle, visitors have allegedly followed a a figure dressed in historical costume, thinking it was leading the way to a pageant – only to find the figure vanish.

A recent report from a member of Scottish Paranormal occurred on Sunday the 29th of May 2005, involving 4 people and the family dog, about 1 p.m. Craignethan Castle lets you take your dog in with you as long as its on a leash.

We went right through the castle, up and down the spiral staircases. There are two seperate underground rooms to access, the one on the left is the kitchen and the right one is the basement. We went into both with the dog, he was fine in the kitchens but was very anxious in the basement area.

He is very protective over me in general but on that particular day he never left my partner’s side for a minute. I tried holding him in the main hall while vince went up to the musicains gallery but he howled the place down, so to stop us being thrown out i had to take him up. He has never done that before.

Crathes Castle

Region : Grampian
Location : 7 miles W of Ballater

Details : A 16th-century tower house granted to the Burnett family in 1323 by King Robert the Bruce. Later, in 1553, they begin to build the castle proper, and not completed until at least 1596 with the east-wing added in the 18th century. The castle stayed in the hands of the same family until 1951 when Sir James Burnett presented Crathes to the National Trust for Scotland. The current visitor centre stands in place of the Queen Anne wing which was destroyed by fire in 1966

Paranormal Phenomena : The Green Lady who is supposed to haunt this castle is said in local folklore to be the ghost of a young woman killed when her father found that she was carrying an illegitimate child. A child’s skeleton was discovered under the hearth stone in the mid-1800’s. this ghost was allegedly sighted by none other than Queen Victoria – The spirit is of a youthful woman and her infant and appears only in a fireplace in one tower, then hastily vanishes. Recently, it seems, she has faded somewhat and only her `presence is felt` for some have heard the sound of `light footsteps` near the fireplace.

Another Green Lady has allegedly made frequent appearances and is said to have first appeared in the mid-18th century. “The Green Lady’s Room” is said to be quite spooky. Folklore tells of one Alexander, heir to Crathes, who fell in love with a beautiful young woman named Bertha – a guest of the family who was not of similar social rank. He returned from a trip abroad eager to greet his ladylove. This was not to be as his beloved had died on his long journey.

His glacial mother, Lady Agnes, made an effort at solace and offered a grand meal to ease her son’s pain and welcome him home. Alexander, while reaching for a goblet, was shocked when the object was hurriedly snatched and tossed into the loch adjacent to the castle. His mother had made a grave error indeed in failing to remember to rid the castle of the poisoned chalice she’d used in Bertha’s death.

The parents of the deceased Bertha came to retrieve their daughter’s remains and were met with a gaunt, anxious Lady Agnes screaming ‘She comes, she comes!’ Within moments of their arrival Agnes was struck dead. Sightings of Bertha are said to be on the anniversary of her death,

Crichton Castle

Region : Midlothian
Location : Crichton  Pathhead
Details : Details of the castle may be found on the aboutscotland and the undiscovered scotland sites
Paranormal Phenomena : Allegedly haunted by a man on horseback who enters the castle through its original but no longer extant gate