Category: C – Carbisdale to Castle of Park

Cawdor Castle

Region : Highland Location : 5 miles SW of Nairn Details : Dating from the late 14th century it was built as a private fortress by the Thanes of Cawdor. The ancient medieval tower was built around a legendary holly-tree. The House…Read More »

Corstorphine Castle

Region : Midlothian Location : W of Edinburgh Details : Nothing remains of Corstorphine Castle apart from the ancient dovecot that stands near the east end of Dovecot Road in Corstorphine, a suburb on the northwest side of Edinburgh. The castle was…Read More »

Craigievar Castle

Region : Aberdeenshire Location : Alford Details : The castle a seven-storey castle built to the L-shaped tower plan was completed in 1626 by William Forbes, brother of the Bishop of Aberdeen. With much to see inside – the great hall with…Read More »