Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothesin Pictures!If ghosts are dead people, where do their phantom clothes come from.

It’s a very valid question, and may cause confusion in people who are genuinely interested in all things ghostly.

What about the clothes they are seen wearing, how can they be phantom clothes?

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10 Pictures of Haunted Places in Scotland

10 Pictures of Haunted Places In Scotland

Haunted Places In Scotland in Pictures! As we know, pictures speak a thousand words and when we view such we invoke our imagination to gain great insights, while also allowing the atmosphere of what’s being portrayed to surround us.

It’s a proven fact that each one of us are unique in the way we gather information.

Some of us prefer to read, while others are more visual with a desire for video or perhaps images.

Let us not forget those of us who like to use our hearing sense, or perhaps we like to feel the information, as strange as that will sound to some.

The following are 10 location shots of Haunted Places in Scotland, to allow you to satisfy the visual aspect of information gathering, what do you feel while viewing them…..

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What is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

Restenneth PrioryHaunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

This actual question was posed to me lately during a meeting, where I was asked what this whole thing entails. In other-words, what is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être – ‘reason for being’ – and what is the thrust of the forward movement to be here.

Some seem to think it’s a company, much like the fantastic tour companies that operate in places such as Edinburgh or our friends at History & Horror Tours in Perth. I’m afraid that is rather wide of the mark, and I have no skills in such areas either.

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We are spirits playing at evolution of consciousness

We are spirits

We Are SpiritThe fringes of paranormal exploration and research is my preferred place of operation. Out of mainstream research sight, and deep within my mind formulating ideas on the paranormal subject.

Always looking to find more information – and putting practices into action – rather than relentlessly just talking about them.

If you think people working in the paranormal field are far out, you should peek into my thinking, that will seriously twist your brain in a multitude of directions.


I’ve learnt a very serious lesson these past 10 years in this passionate hobby of mine, I know next to nothing about the true nature of reality or ‘exactly’ what happens to us when we die.

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Are Psychics Real or Fake

Are Psychics Real

Are Psychics Real

This is a question on many lips, a search term very popular on Google, and something we all ask, are psychics real or is it all a trick to deceive the public for fame or fortune.

I’m in the unique position whereas I have worked with many people who claim to be psychic – or in touch with the other side – and I feel after 10 years of such, I am in a position to comment on this very much asked question.

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Advice: KII Meters & Devices

KII Meter AdviceIt’s extremely easy to fall into practices that are counter-productive to our search for possible paranormal activity. I should know, I’ve done so on many occasions and used such incidents to learn – and grow – in my search for evidence of the survival of the soul after death.

We truly do not want to delude ourselves – or our fellow seekers – by providing material and data that has faulty readings. More so, with the increased abundance of pseudo-sceptics and armchair cynics, we must ensure that we fully understand what works, and what is providing false positives so we can arm ourselves with truth and integrity. In the following video, I highlight the need to properly set up EMF Meters away from electro-magnetic emitting devices. YES, that includes your Echovox device of choice!

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Paranormal Activity via Sound Waves

Echovox at MKCForget photographs with illuminated particles or film footage with dubious condensed breath – unless you can prove otherwise of course – and begin to look into the area of audio capture while attempting to collect paranormal activity on location.

Anyone who follows my work in this field knows I prefer to test and advance with the Echovox audio application, but even basic EVP techniques with any type of audio device capable of capture can be your number one friend.

Let me tell you why…..

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Video: Look Beyond The Physical

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

― Nikola Tesla

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Deep Down Mary Kings Close

As I rearranged the trigger experiment – Items set up in the hope of capturing paranormal movement and thus some evidence of activity – an overwhelming feeling of dread moved over me like a cloud in a gathering storm.

You see, I was situated at the bottom of the famous Mary Kings Close in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I was separated from my team members, which included excellent people, such as Fiona Williamson, Ewan Irvine, and a few other very able people in the paranormal arena. It was late, a very dark night, the attraction had also closed for business…..

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3 Tips To Experience The Paranormal

It truly Is all around us, and may be more normal than paranormal, more natural than supernatural, and far more accessible than you could ever imagine. Yes, I’m speaking about that mysterious topic of spirits, hauntings, and the afterlife.

After probing this area for over a decade now, working in some of the best known locations in Scotland for possible paranormal activity, I am rarely surprised at what’s captured as probable evidence into existence of the soul after death.

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