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Head Editor & Writer Greg Stewart:

Greg first became interested in the paranormal when his parents took out a subscription for him in 1980 for a magazine entitled ‘The Unexplained’.

Since then he has read numerous books on the subject, visited many reported haunted sites and taken part in a plethora of paranormal investigations.

Senior Member of Scottish Paranormal, Documentary Maker and Author of a multitude of books on the topic of hauntings and witches, with many more in the works.

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You will find articles by Ryan O’Neill, Christopher Huff, Ally Reid & The Scottish Paranormal Team. Other teams, enthusiasts & hobbyists may send us articles too and we will host them for you with full credits.

Children Hear Voices – Something Wrong Here?

There is great concern when you see reported studies that brush aside possible psychic phenomena in favour of left brained theories and pre-judged assumptions from researchers. I have great respect for people who have spent time learning and studying, to then be presented with letters after their name or certificates to proudly show off, its …

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Starters Guide – Set Up Your Own Team 3

So you have tried to find a local team that you can investigate with but having no luck at all? Maybe one does not exist in your locality or if they do, they are not open to new applications at this time. This is a common theme within the paranormal field and a circumstance that …

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Starters Guide – Can You Investigate 2

In the last article we looked at conduct and behaviour while operating in the paranormal field. We also touched upon learning, study and application which included seeking out an established organisation to see how things are properly done. In this short article we are going to look at qualifications, qualities and exactly what’s required for …

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Starters Guide – Paranormal Investigating 1

One of the hardest things to do is to put together information sheets in a field so diverse that it will go against the thoughts of many who are participants within it. There are a multitude of ways to operate in this field of study and research, and at this time no one can lay …

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I salute Chris at the Epoch Times!

On the face of it, we would be mistaken for thinking that all science is against anything remotely mysterious and relating to the unexplained topic. You see, within all the main streams of information out there you can actually find nuggets of gold that suggest that even the most sceptical of scientists do in fact …

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Will I get splinters sitting on that fence

You know, it’s absolutely absurd to think that something is not pretty well strange and mysterious in the amount of reports we get daily in regards to the paranormal and hauntings in particular. All walks of life provide these reports too, this is in spite of the agenda by a few to paint the reporting …

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Ghost hunters to gather at Mary King’s Close

Posted on Friday, May 05 – 2006 A paranormal conference is to take place in one of Edinburgh’s most haunted locations. A host of mediums, psychics and fans of the paranormal will descend on Mary King’s Close next week for the Ghost Fest event. Organiser Scottish Paranormal will hold vigils, some of which will be …

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Television Company Los Angeles – Needs Your Story!

This is a call out to fellow Investigators, readers and paranormal hobbyists from within or out-with the paranormal community. Over the last few days we have been in discussions with a very nice, polite and enthusiastic Television company from Los Angeles CA who have a regular show on A&E Biography. The Show is named My …

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Spirited efforts to find spooks

By JULIA HORTON A STRANGE light is swirling in the dark rain-filled sky above Hailes Castle. Beneath it, four shadowy figures emerge through the gloom next to a ruined tower, their faces obscured in the dark of the night. As they approach, a weird yellowish glow appears to surround them and an ominous whirring sound …

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Outside-The-Box Research

Maybe controversial if I am being completely honest as it tends to not fit the in-place paradigm and will have a few squirming as they read. Where am I going with this you ask, whats the topic of conversation and what controversial angle am I hitting today. I am speaking about out-of-the-box thinking, research, observation …

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