Aberdour Castle

Region : Fife
Location :  Aberdour, Fife KY3 0SL

Details : Aberdour Castle is located in the village of Easter Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. Parts of the castle date from around 1200, making Aberdour one of the two oldest datable standing castles in Scotland, along with Castle Sween in Argyll, which was built at around the same time.

More Details can be found at Wikipedia or visit Historic Scotland Here

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Abergeldie Castle

Region : Grampian
Location : 2 miles E of Balmoral

Details : Constructed in the sixteenth century for the head of Clan Gordon.

Paranormal Phenomena : Alleged ghost of Kittie or Katie Rankie, a poor unfortunate French woman who was accused of being a witch, imprisoned in dungeon before burned to death on nearby hill.

Ackergill Tower

Region : Caithness
Location : 2 miles E of Balmoral

Details : Over the last 600 years this has been the site of many conflicts between the feuding Keith, Gunns and Sinclair clans. Ackergill Tower is a five-story oblong tower house. The four-storey wing to the rear was added in the early 18th century.
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Airlie Castle

Region : Tayside
Location : 6 miles W of Kirriemuir
Details : Constructed in the sixteenth century for the head of Clan Gordon.
Paranormal Phenomena : Alleged ghost of a phantom drummer. sometimes accompanied by the wailing of pipes, is said to herald the death of the chief of the Airlie family.

Airth Castle

Region :Stirlingshire
Location : Kincardine Bridge on A905

Details : The Castle incorporates a 14th century keep which is now known as Wallace’s Tower. In the 15th century the Bruce family created much of the present castle although further extended in the 16th and 19th centuries.
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Aldourie Castle

Region : Highlands
Location : North east end of Loch Ness, 2 miles (3 km) north of Dores

Details : Aldourie is the only Castle on the shores of Loch Ness that is habbital and has occupied the site for many years. Listed Grade A Highland Castle, with turrets and towers and nooks and crannies aplenty

Paranormal Phenomena : This tower house is said to be haunted by a ghost known as “The Grey Lady”.


Ardblair Castle

Region : Perthshire
Location : Blairgowrie

Details : in Blairgowrie in Perthshire an L-shaped castle was erected on the site of a thirteenth-century stronghold and and even earlier Pictish settlement. The castle was placed on a raised finger of land jutting out into a fresh-water loch, which today has gone, but the castle, dubbed Ardblair from the Gaelic word ard, meaning a promontory, and bhlar, a field or parcel of land, still stands. For more details click Here

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Ardrossan Castle

Region : Ayrshire
Location : Ardrossan, Just off A78

Details :Ardrossan Castle is situated upon a rocky hill, which gives it its name, made up of ard, meaning height, and rossan, a rocky promontory. The present ruins are on the site of an earlier castle owned by the Barclay family. By the thirteenth century it had passed to the Ardrossan family.

The castle has long been deemed a distinctive feature of the city of Ardrossan. It was included, for example, in the tour book from 1847 titled Sylvan’s Pictorial Handbook to the Clyde and its Watering-Places by Thomas and Edward Gilks. There the castle is described as a marker of regional identity and subject antiquarian interest, from which beautiful views of the ocean can be seen:
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Ardvreck Castle

Region : Highland
Location : 1 mile N of Inchnadamph

Details : The castle is thought to have been constructed around 1590 by the Clan MacLeod family who owned Assynt and the surrounding area from the 13th century onwards. Indeed Sutherland, the area in which Ardvreck is situated, has long been a stronghold of the clan MacLeod. The most well known historical tale concerning the castle is that on April 30th 1650 James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, was captured and held at the castle before being transported to Edinburgh for trial and execution. Montrose was a Royalist, fighting on the side of Charles I against the Covenanters. Defeated at the Battle of Carbisdale, he sought sanctuary at Ardvreck with Neil MacLeod of Assynt. At the time, Neil was absent and it is said that his wife, Christine, tricked Montrose into the castle dungeon and sent for troops of the Covenanter Government. Montrose was taken to Edinburgh, where he was executed on 21 May 1650, using the traditional method for traitors: hanging, drawing and quartering.
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Ashintully Castle

Region : Tayside
Location : 11 miles W of Blairgowrie

Details : Overlooking the Perthshire hills, Ashintully is first and foremost a working sheep farm. Set in over 3,000 acres of rolling countryside on the southern edge of the Cairngorms National Park, the castle dates back to 1583 when it was built by Colonel David Spalding with the plunder that resulted from his clan’s support of the King of Spain in the Dutch Revolt.

The castle and grounds are rich in history and legend and were the scenes of murder and mayhem in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is also reputed that Robert Roy MacGregor often stopped at Ashintully as a guest of the Spaldings and the ‘Rob Roy’ room remains to this day.

The castle is now a family home offering exceptional holiday and sporting lets to those seeking somewhere just a little bit different.
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