Castle Stuart

Region : Invernessshire
Location : Petty Parish, Inverness- Near to Culloden
Details : Built in 1625 by James Stuart, it was rebuilt in 1869 although soon left to ruin. Now restored and run as a hotel

Paranormal Phenomena : This castle has been rumoured to be haunted since the 18th century.
There have been recent discoveries of hidden rooms and staircases, previously walled up. According to the website of the castle : “The Three-Turret Haunted Bedroom at the top of the East Tower is the room where, a long time ago, when the Earl of Moray was looking for someone to spend the night at Castle Stuart to prove to everyone that it was not haunted – he asked the minister at Petty Church to offer a £20 reward. The local poacher, known as Big Angus, was neither afraid of man nor beast and he’s recorded to have spent the night in this room. The next morning, unfortunately they found his body in the courtyard, dead, with a look of horror frozen on his face. “

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  1. I felt a presences behind me whilst looking at a painting of two monks writing , in a small room on a stair way back in 1990. It felt neither benevolent or malevolent.Just seemed as if someone came up behind me to see what I was looking at.

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