Carbisdale Castle

Location : Sutherland
Details : (YHA) The Castle was built between 1906 and 1917 for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland. In 1933, the castle was bought by Colonel Theodore Salvesen, the wealthy Scottish businessman of Norwegian extraction and head of the Christian Salvesen shipping and whaling company of Leith. After Salvesen’s death his son inherited the castle and in 1945 he gifted the castle, its contents and the estate to the Scottish Youth Hostels Association. Carbisdale Castle opened to YHA members on 2nd June 1945.

Paranormal Phenomena : The room in the castle which has been the spot of the majority of ghost sightings is termed the old Nursery or Schoolroom or as is commonly referred to as The spookroom. In this room apparitions have walked around beds which were against the wall, rain has fallen on people, many reports of children’s voices and crying have been made and beds have even been turned right round.

A phantom bagpiper and organist are said to have been heard in the former ballroom,
On Saturday 27th April 1650 General James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose fought his last battle defending the Royalist cause on the hill behind the castle. A sighting of an “angry and distressed” apparition carrying a sword has been reported in the link corridor of the castle. The style of dress seemed to tie in with the Battle of Carbisdale. This corridor of the castle has long been considered haunted having an ‘eerie’ atmosphere commented upon by many visitors

The apparition of a lady in white is alleged to have been seen in the grounds. George Murray, an employee, is said to have looked up one summer’s day and there standing beside a whin-bush in front of him was “the figure of a lady clad in white dress which seemed to fall as if draped from her shoulders. In a nonce she was gone. He venturing closer to where he had seen her he could find no one there. Two or three times that summer Murray at least two others reported seeing the apparition

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