Brodie Castle

Region :Moray
Location : Inverness

Details : Probably started in construction around 1560 by Alexander Brodie of Brodie as a Z plan Tower House. 1645, the house was partially burnt and razed by the Royalist army. in 1730 remodeling was conducted. Due to the rising costs of upkeep, the castle was handed over to the National Trust for Scotland in 1970’s

Paranormal Phenomena : In September 1889, the Brodie family, had an experience which no rational explanation could be found. For during the Earl of Brodie’s stay in Switzerland, his butler said to the other employees, that he heard noises (whispers and pages being turned) in the office of their master. It shouldn’t have happened, because the Earl had locked his office with the key before leaving and ordered that no one enter.
Thinking that a thief had entered the room, the employees start looking for the key, but couldn’t find it. The following morning, they heard about the Earl’s death during the night in Switzerland. It is alleged they had heard the spirit of their master in his office.
In addition the apparition of a woman is said to have been seen in the Nursery room in 1992.

Sources : mountain-moments

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  1. Brodie of Bayonne

    Will be in Ireland in September, would like to take a trip to Scotland to see Brodie Castle. Are there one night stays?

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