Brodick Castle

Region : Isle of Arran
Location : outside the port of Brodick

Details : The site has been occupied by a stronghold since the fifth century, in the kingdom of Dalriada. In 1503 the castle and the Earldom of Arran were granted by James IV to his cousin, Lord Hamilton. That early fortification was demolished in 1544. Parts of the present castle date from the 1588 during the ownership of the 2nd Earl of Arran. The castle was occupied by Cromwellian troops in 1648 after the first Duke was executed – the second died in battle just three years later. Since 1957 it has been owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena : The Grey Lady (the appariition of a servant who was seduced by an officer of the Cromwellian garrison or who starved to death in the dungeons of the castle because she had the plague) is alleged to haunt the oldest part of the house.
The apparition of a man wearing a wig, green coat and breeches is alleged to be seen sitting in the Library. Finally, a White Deer is reputedly seen in the grounds of the castle whenever a chief of the Hamiltons is close to death.

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