Belief May Ruin Echovox & Testing Results

What if those who claim the title of strong sceptical members of society were actually the opposite of such?

Perish the thought I hear some cry, whatever do you mean Ryan and where does such outlandish thinking come from. Do I mean they are mystics, believers or even psychics?

Well, not really, but what I do allude to – is the fact – that in testing of Psi abilities by various parapsychologists across all walks of life, we have seen the sheep-goat effect take place.

The what!! Let me explain…

The Sheep-Goat Effect is an agreed upon effect, whereas people who believe in psi or are psi-positive score better on psi tasks than people who do not believe in psi. If you ask someone to take part in an experiment measuring psi abilities, and they ‘believe’ such is utter claptrap, they’re going to fail miserably in the experiment and resulting data. Liken it to the much spoken about self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Sheep-Goat Effect predicts a positive relationship between belief in psi, and standardized score on a psi-task such as ESP. Psi-Missing is an additional phenomena in which disbelievers – much to the level of cynics – will actually score far worse than the statistical data of chance!!

So why do we have those – who believe it all utter claptrap – scoring below the ‘on average’ of chance in these experiments? Are they deliberately failing – and spectacularly – to prove a point, are their thoughts affecting the data or are they hiding the fact that they may just have some abilities, which contradict their belief system and strong fundamental mindset?

Anyone who reads my articles, and personal thoughts, on a variety of nature of reality topics will be in no doubt that I DO link thoughts and reality together. I make no mistake in suggesting, that how we think can effect how we perceive reality, even shape it within certain parameters of probability.

I certainly suggest the above further strengthens my hypothesises, and the knock on effect will go a long way to explaining how devices such as the Echovox, Spirit-Box and other choice tools are used effectively by some and appallingly by others.

Before it’s communicated, with that throw away phrase that I hear time and time again to stifle discussion, this is not New Age wishy-washy information, this is backed up by data and serious data at that.

So do we take the statistics and suggest that cynics deliberately fail miserably to win arguments and thus deceive cunningly those conducting such testing? OR can we begin to look deeper into the area of beliefs, subconscious programming and the effects of mind over results – finding what you look for may I add.

There is also the idea of those aforementioned members hiding a gift, or gaining psi results but hiding it…

In the current book I’m reading named “Where Science & Magic Meet” by Serena Roney-Dougal PHD, the author delightfully says the following…

“As mentioned before, this getting of negative results is called Psi-Missing and is an indication that the person is picking up the Psi target but for some reason is blocking it out, just as we shut our eyes when we don’t want to watch something in a horror movie”

I find this terribly interesting on many levels as already mentioned here.

I would like to suggest that the above is taken into consideration if using devices such as Echovox. If truly, our minds can affect the results we gain, I think an open flexible mindset is the best practice. If you run from a belief system, you will shut out – or close the eyes like Serena says – at the parts you do not want to acknowledge.

This may be a non-questioning position where all audio is a significant capture, or it may be a cynical approach of knowing it all – and thus – tainting the results, or goodness forbid…Hiding them!

We must stay true to our highest integrity and push forward with good honest results.

So are our debunkers of a pseudo-sceptical nature [who took the tests] deceiving us in our quest of forward movement, hiding psi abilities through fear of going against their rigid belief system or are their strong internal beliefs effecting the results and probabilities.

One thing for sure, the statistics suggest they are not gaining the on average results of mere chance and we all know how they love to cite statistics. Hmm, something to ponder and at that, I will leave the reader to contemplate.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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