Behaviour In The Paranormal Field

It’s by no means a field of research whereas we stay in the same place using the same techniques or behaviour and expect to hit the holy grail of definite proof and great relationships. To the general public who are a great percentage of the readership here, it will be alien to think that these guys who go out Investigating the paranormal actually encounter problems from their own fellow researchers. The blunt truth of the matter is that egos do run around like in any topic you may pick out the hat, it just happens that the paranormal community has a lot more bad apples and it can be a minefield to swerve.

There is a target to go for which all teams, independents & hobbyists are aiming towards but unfortunately only a smaller percentage actually work together to move towards this goal. I know personally that I have found out the hard way, that some are only after their own ego to be stroked and will only re-engage in field work when they think someone else is doing more than them or pushing boundaries. It really should not be this way and I still advocate that teams, although they do not need to agree completely with each others methodologies, should at least be able to work in harmony and good spirit to push toward the aforementioned goal.

Gossiping seems to be the flavour of the day but I suppose its like this is all aspects of life. I mean, how many of you mums have experienced the gossips on the school run? How many of you guys have experienced it in the canteen at work? now how many of you field operators have been pulled up on Skype and fed one side of a gossiping story about others while not getting the other parties side of things? It’s one to keep in mind all you mums, dads & fellow researchers:

The ones who gossip to you, gossip about you.

The tongue can truly be sharper than the knife and part of this article is to raise awareness about such behaviour so you can protect yourself, your team and fellow researchers when such behaviour is encountered. By having full awareness you can then spot the situations as they arise!!

I remember myself being a cocky so and so at one point and not heeding my own words that I can now parrot after deep contemplation about life and about the field I love to work in. I learnt the harder way but at least seen the error of my ways and went personally to every person I had wronged to apologise and build new bridges. The release and relief in doing such was amazing even in the face of others telling me to not do so or that I was two faced and other such garbage. Sometimes you need to take full responsibility for past actions and correct things even if you are not going to be popular with old friends or family.

Now the trouble with writing this article is no doubt a few will be ready to pick up the gossiping microphone, telephone or will have their fingers poised over the keys ready to email. Relax, the article is not about you or you or you and is a general musing from myself on my experiences in life and in the field. My aims are and always will be to bring awareness to subjects, help to others and using my own experiences to stop people going to places I have been and not liked. Never be quick to think something is about you!!

Now that’s out the way…..

The same can be placed about techniques and methodologies and again we need to start looking at new ways to advance in a sensible way. Some are stuck in the past with rigid systems and no intention of evolving. This can also not help a field that at times can lose its way….

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.

There is no shame in asking others for help with your research, speaking with others to get ideas on how to improve your work or admitting that you just do not know in some areas. This is a breakthrough and not a breakdown….You need to empty the garbage and refill with what works….if you are stubborn enough to try and hold on to old non-working structures then you will break down with them.

Be flexible, be creative and get outside the box while communicating with others who work side by side in this amazing field.

We sit at a time when its excellent to be involved in such a field of study, stop looking to science or massive groups for guidance. Take a firm grasp and move with your exploration into all things paranormal….push outside the chalk lines that have been scribbled by rigid past thoughts and make new waves and get creative with your thinking and methods.

All in all I suppose I am saying, lets let the old die away and look forward to the present time and what we can achieve and the future will look so much more rosy. New idea, new behaviours and new friendships….the past is the past, take what we need and apply it now!


Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland Owner & IPI Coordinator

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