Barnbougle Castle

Region :West Lothian
Location :South shore of the Firth of Forth, between Cramond and South Queensferry. It lies within the Dalmeny Estate, and is the property of the Earl of Rosebery.

Details : Barnbougle a thirteenth century tower house, was possibly constructed for the Norman, Philip Mowbray. By 1615 it was in Hamilton of Haddington hands, and in 1662 it was bought by the the Primroses of Rosebery.Most of the the current structure dates mainly from the seventeenth century. During the nineteenth century, it was in a state of ruin, the Roseberys had abandoned it in 1817 in favour of the newly built Dalmeny House. During this period, Barnbougle was used to store explosives, and following its near-demolition by an explosion, was rebuilt in 1880.

Paranormal Phenomena : Connected with Hound Point is the legend that whenever the death of any of its lords is about to occur, the apparition of a black man, accompanied by a hound, appears upon the point, and winds from his bugle the death-note of the baron.

In William Wallace Fyfe’s, Summer Life on Land and Water at South Queensferry (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd: 1851), pp.156-158. the Legend of the Hound Point of Barnbougle is documented (abridged).

Long, long, had the mail-clad Templar fought,
Beneath the blood-red cross,
Where many a knight was slain in fight,
With none to mourn his loss.
At length through the keep, by the waters deep,
There thrilled a bugle sound—
A death-wail pass’d on the midnight blast,
Where Sir Roger met the hound.

And a darksome Paynim form appear’d,
Winding that solemn wail—
In the ebbing tide, a hound by his side,
But neither shallop nor sail.
And ever when Barnbougle’s Lords
Are parting this scene below,
Come hound and ghost to that haunted coast,
And death-notes winding slow.
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