The Haunted Woods & Cave | What Did We Encounter?

The Haunted Woods & Cave

The Haunted WoodsThe Haunted Woods & Green Jeans Cave or ‘Green Jeanie’s Cave’ is situated on the Fife coastal path in West Wemyss. Only a stone throw away from Scottish Paranormal HQ.

Sitting below Wemyss Castle the cave is given its name from the legend of Green Jean.

She is believed to be possibly an early family member of the Wemyss family. The story goes that shortly before a death in the family, a green lady would appear before the family and passers-by.

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The SP Mini Spirit Box App | Astonishing Results & Update!

The SP Mini Spirit Box App

SP Mini Spirit Box AppThe SP Mini Spirit Box App is an application that runs as a fully automatic ITC Research tool for those who wish a simplified version of the main SP Spirit Box Application

It still has the full power of the 4 Audio banks and the fantastic engine that has already proven amazing results by those who have used it.

We hope by offering this app for free, we can encourage more members of the public to get involved in ITC Research. Real spirit communication with many validations.

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The Haunted Hellfire Club | What Did We Encounter

The Haunted Hellfire Club

The Haunted Hellfire Club

Joe King [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

The Haunted Hellfire Club, in Dublin, Is situated on Montpelier Hill. It’s a burnt-out ruined building on the summit with stunning views of the Irish City Of Dublin.

The best-known Hellfire club story is that of the Devil himself appearing. A stranger joined the club members for a game of cards. At some point, one of the players dropped a card on the floor. As he bent down to pick up the card, he noticed that the stranger had cloven hooves. The Haunted Hellfire Club never fails to amaze!

Another tale is that of a farmer, curious to find out what went on at the club meetings on The Haunted Hellfire Clubthe spooky hill. Climbing up Montpelier Hill one night, he was ushered in by the members of the club and allowed to witness the rituals. He was found the next morning, terrified. He spent the rest of his life unable to speak; unable even to remember his own name.

During our visit, some of us were shocked to find tightness and soreness in the head area. This lasted for the duration of the stay and eased as we left. Someone suggested that a man was shot in the head as he took part in a dual with another, could we have intuitively felt his pain? Were we picking up on his condition of passing?

The following video is part of our 2019 recap series. We will look back on an astonishing year of amazing locations. This Road Trip was our Irish adventure in Spring 2019 and included several locations.


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The Haunted Leap Castle Of Ireland | What Did We Encounter?

The Haunted Leap Castle

The Haunted Leap CastleThe Haunted Leap Castle Tour in 2019 was part of the Scottish Paranormal Road Trip (Ireland) series.

We recap 2019 as the end of the year begins to approach here at Scottish Paranormal.

First up we have the Leap Castle Tour from earlier in the year. We travelled across Ireland in search of her many spirits and energies.

We spent the night in Leap Castle with Rick McCallum of Hollywood Ghost Hunters, Tommy & Eileen and the full SP Team.

Road Trip Series

The following information and video are part of our 2019 recap series. We will look back The Haunted Leap Castleon an astonishing year of amazing locations.

Spirit communication and evidence gathering have featured heavily, and we have many more European adventures that we would love you to join us on, so please do continue to check back.

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Torwood Castle LIVE – ITC Spirit Communication

Torwood Castle LIVE – ITC Spirit Communication

Torwood Castle LIVEWe Return to Torwood Castle to conduct a Facebook Spirit Box Session Live for all our friends and followers who have joined us on the Journey.

Torwood Castle is situated near the village of Torwood, central Scotland. It has been estimated as being built around the mid 1500 for Sir Alexander Forrester. It was once the seat of powerful Royal serving Clan Forrester. 

Torwood Castle was built by the Lords Forrester, who supplied the Crown with timber and were in charge of royal hunting areas in Scotland. 

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Halloween At The Scottish Fisheries Museum

The Scottish Fisheries Museum

Haunted Fisheries Museum 1The award-winning Scottish Fisheries Museum is located at the harbour of one of Fife’s most picturesque seaside towns, Anstruther.
The museum occupies a warren of buildings that run along the east side of the harbour. Opened in 1969, it has grown over time into a very large complex, occupying a number of converted buildings set around three sides of a cobbled courtyard.

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Real Spirit Communication Inveraray Jail – ITC Research

Inveraray Jail – Real Spirit Communication

Real Spirit Communication Inveraray Jail Welcome to Real Spirit Communication Inveraray Jail Section.

Inveraray Jail was opened in 1820 and is the former county courthouse and prison for Argyll. Over 6000 men, women and children were sentenced in the courtroom and served their sentences in the prisons.

The court-room, on the first floor, has a semi-circle of large windows giving a magnificent view overlooking the prison yard and, beyond, across Loch Fyne.

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The Old Grey Lady In Fife

The Old Grey Lady In Fife

Here Ally shares his expereince as a young lad in the county of Fife, Scotland. Who was the The Old Grey Lady In Fife?

“With so many experiences to choose from the one that stands out for me was when I must have been about 12 or 13 years old. I was out playing with my friend’s, boys being boys, we would venture out to places we should not have been. (In fact, I still do this now !).

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Blackford Old Parish Church – Ghost Children (Fire)

Blackford Old Parish Church – Blackford, Auchterarder PH4 1PZ

Blackford Old Parish ChurchBlackford Old Parish Church was constructed in 1574, putting that into perspective, this would have been 7 years after the reign of Mary Queen Of Scots, but while she was still imprisoned

The new church at that time provided convenience for the majority of parishioners, and in 1617 an Act of Parliament officially declared the Parish of Strageath as the Parish of Blackford, and the parish church formally moved six miles to the south. The old kirk of Strageath was abandoned.

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Corgarff Castle

Corgarff Castle Haunting

Corgarff CastleRegion: Grampian
Location: 10 miles SE of Tomintoul

Details: Built as a hunting lodge in 1537 but became a residence of the Forbes family. See the undiscovered scotland website for more in-depth details.

After the Jacobite risings of the 18th century, it was rebuilt as a barracks and a detachment of government troops was stationed there. Military use continued until 1831, after which the tower served as a distillery and housed local workers.

Paranormal Phenomena: It’s alleged that screams can be heard during times of Corgarff Castlehistorical reenactment at this location. These mimic the great attack of 1571, where Adam Gordon of Auchindoun, besieged this stunning castle ultimately burning it down with the occupants still inside.

Margaret Forbes, the Chief’s wife, and twenty-six others – including children – died a gruesome death here.

Is it any wonder that spiritual activity has been reported. Such is the emotion, history and deep-seated grief here, we may be witnessing anything form residual energy to actual sentient activity, especially in the Barrack Room.

We visited this castle in November 2018 as part of a more comprehensive road trip around northern Scotland (Highlands) During such a gathering of visual data, and audio recordings were conducted from outside the location. Here is one such audio “He’s Not Scottish” was clearly caught via ITC Techniques.

Haunted History Road Trip – Highlands Of Scotland

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