Auchen Castle

Region : Dumfriesshire
Location : Beatock

Details : The Castle dates to 1220, probably being built by Sir Humphrey de Kirkpatrick as Senestal of Annandale. Constructed in the form of a courtyard with solid drum towers flanking the gate and corner towers. In the early 1300’s the towers were remodelled as hollow turrets with internal stairs. Other aggrandisement to the original structure included massive outer ramparts and curious underground passages and chambers. The original Castle is now in ruins, lying next to what was the home farm for the next Auchen Castle built by General Johnstone in 1849.

Paranormal Phenomena : The Castle is alleged to be haunted by a child, whom some visitors claim to have seen walking the corridors and descending the main staircase in the early hours of the morning. Others have claimed to have witnessed perhaps the same child playing in the gardens at dawn or dusk.

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