Assumptions Are Not Facts

They may just consider that they are approaching from a rational, logical and very much transparent position. Maybe even saving people from their ignorance, and that they have all the answers to the world mysteries, sewn up in a nice little package.

I mean, if something can be faked, it means all subjects under said topic are fake? Right?

Uh, nope, that is as far from the nature of reality as one can go. However, some will have us believe that this IS the fact of the matter, and for us to think in any other terms would be deemed irrational, illogical and woo-woo.

I have – in my time researching the mysteries of reality – encountered many instances that have me shaking my head in disbelief. The funny thing is, this is not at paranormal phenomena by any means, I speak of truly irrational thinking from those proclaiming to be bastions of such logic.

Let’s take an example:

Storefront Psychic fortuneteller in Downtown Crossing, Boston. January 2009 photo by John Stephen Dwyer

In this world, we have people who claim to be psychic, but have been proven to be false and showing little more than a few intuitive hunches.

So the thinking from some pseudo-sceptics, is, that due to those who are faking, misinforming, and as they are in the public eye, all psychics are fake.

I fail to see how this assumption is logical in any way, I will go a little further, and say it’s actually a childish conclusion that has no basis in reality at all.

It would be akin to me saying that due to cowboy builders who scam people, there are no real good builders around so we should shut down the building trade and be done with it. Ludicrous!

Assumptions are not facts, so by assuming that the above proves anything in the grand scheme of things is false!

The funny thing is though, things seem to have been turned the other way around, where these blatant assumptions are displayed as fact, and opposing thoughts labelled as irrational or delusional.

What we actually see, are that the people who push these inaccurate ways of thinking, are mirroring their own stance and mindset. When they proclaim irrational, illogical, delusional or woo-woo, you can easily turn this around and see they are describing their own thought process and belief system.

Much of life is like this, everything is back-to-front or upside down:

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

― Michael Ellner

I would love to add-on to this, pseudo-sceptics destroy real critical thinking – and enquiries – to find the truth of reality.

A few bad apples do not suggest that the orchard is bad, just as in life, and every single area and topic you can think upon, they are not bad because of the few who are going against the true nature of those areas.

Let us remain open-minded yet flexible, refrain from throwing out the baby with the bathwater, or be dazzled with illusionist prizes of millions of dollars, to undertake tests that you sign away all your rights, and ensure you remain gagged in the public.

Not everything is as it seems, keep that in mind when magicians try to explain reality, pseudo-sceptics reflect their own behaviour while pointing the finger, and some scientists begin their hypothesis with the biggest assumptions of them all….that something came from nothing!

Open that mind, think about it all deeply and you will find that you must go within and find your own truth, test your own theories and come to your own flexible conclusions.

Assumptions truly are not facts, as we are often told by some of the above!

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Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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