Are you being manipulated?

The hardest thing for any person to admit to themselves is that they have been manipulated and fed false information. People would rather defend the person doing the manipulation, than face the prospect that they had been conned or made a fool of by others.

This is key to the false perspective adopted by cynics and know-it-alls who in all reality know nothing. In order to push forward their fundamental beliefs, they must attack anything that contradicts their stance and what better way than RIDICULE!

Please do not think that it only happens in certain topics either. Rest assured, this is across the board and in each and every area, the principles are the same no matter what.

Unfortunately, in some parts of the country, some kids are taught at an early age that being different is somehow bad or wrong or worthy of ridicule.
Matt Bomer

It is rife within the field of the afterlife and paranormal research, we have certain individuals whom feel they have all the answers to all reality and anyone who contradicts this, are ridiculed. They will group together to whisper and then attack the person making the fresh new claims or only sharing their very real ghostly encounter.

You have to ask, if they are stupid or psychotic, seriously, I mean that in the best possible terms as I certainly would not be operating in a field that I thought was false and silly, would you?

Say for example, you manage to get some excellent results from a Franks Box or P-SB7 Spirit Box. The sceptics will come in, without even being at your session or experiencing the environment, then continue to “debunk” it from their armchair. They will laugh, whisper, ridicule and openly mock those who have attempted this out-the-box testing, while not even knowing whether the results can be had from an unseen force. Heck, as said, some are in the field and do not even open themselves to any of it being possible.

They display their ignorance in doing so, I can clearly see it and I never take armchair spectators seriously and neither should you. Just because they do not understand something, does not make it any less real and my now famous cry of, open-minded yet flexible stand point should ALWAYS be adopted.

The overwhelming problem is that the above examples of ridicule lead to manipulation. People are genuinely afraid to say how they feel or what their ideas are in relation to the paranormal. Some researchers even fear saying that they have had real experiences and this being the reason they are studying and Investigating. The next cry after that is usually one of vested interest from the cynical bunch without so much as a blink, on their own pre-determined nay-saying mindset.

You see, it has become fashionable to hang out with like-minded debunkers and mock anyone who sticks their head above the parapet. It gives them a feeling of empowerment, to make others sad and to paint them as some type of airy fairy individual with minimum grasp of reality.

This is pure manipulation and it is now spewing out into the public domain and people’s own homes.

Little do people know, some researchers, in their little cliques, will openly ridicule cases and pre-judge before they even speak with you. They will determine who DESERVES help and what will ensure they have a good public face after taking on such cases. Even if they believe in the person, they will be in such fear of openly saying so, they will proclaim the opposite so as to keep up the false persona.

Listen, I have been around the field for near on 10 years now, I have been subjected to such behaviour and even sat in participation, this was through my lack of honest knowledge or fear of speaking up. I have allowed people to be spoken about, laughed along through my insecurity and felt like utter crap in doing so.

This is something I have had to reverse over the last 4 years with honest research and soul-searching to boot. I am comfortable now, have been so since the inception of Haunted Scotland, speaking out loud no matter what people in the field like to hear or not. Whether I am shunned or accepted with open arms, I need to stay true to myself along with the people I help and the actual facts I uncover, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. It really is that simple!

So whether you are new to the field, member of the public with a ghostly experience or clairvoyant getting all manner of mocking, please do keep going and ignore those who are feeling threatened by your truth.

We need the people with these real life changing experiences to step forward and share without fear.

We need the people with these real life changing experiences to step forward and share without fear. To fight back against the manipulation and call out such at every turn.

We are all quite aware that there are fakes in every field and society subject. We certainly do not close down the building trade or stop getting our roofs sorted due to fake cowboy builders do we? So we likewise, carry on in our explorations and allow the fakes to be found out in time.

So the question was “Are you being manipulated” I would like you to raise your head, stand strong and say NO. You carry on with your purpose and searching and give no energy to the cliques of mockers who feel threatened by your uniqueness.

Onwards and upwards people!!

Kindest Blessings,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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