Are Psychics Real or Fake

Are Psychics Real

Are Psychics Real

This is a question on many lips, a search term very popular on Google, and something we all ask, are psychics real or is it all a trick to deceive the public for fame or fortune.

I’m in the unique position whereas I have worked with many people who claim to be psychic – or in touch with the other side – and I feel after 10 years of such, I am in a position to comment on this very much asked question.

So Are Psychics Real Then?

What we need to realise about life, is that nothing is as cut and dried as assumed by some, and pushed by others.

I’m very much aware of some who have tried to label and conclude – based on a few cases – that just because some may not be truthful about an alleged gift, that all are in the same boat.

It’s much like that fame seeking illusionist James “The Amazing” Randi – who claims to be the saviour of us all from charlatans – who thinks just because he can pull off a few stunts in the paranormal, that he can label it all bunkum.

James RandiDo not be tricked by such slight of hand from those with zero credibility or experience in this area.

When they speak of such, they are projecting from their own mindset, so really only tell us more about their deep dark secrets, and zero about the main question here – Are Psychics Real?

I have worked with those who are 100% real, and those who are questionable or maybe just not as fine tuned as the former.

I tend to suspend judgement until something flags for me anyhow, but I certainly can attest to the very real nature of what they can do.

The real question is not are psychics real, but more about which ones can I trust to work with me and move forward this area within the paranormal genre.

Is it not wishful thinking or imaginary craziness?

Perhaps it is at times, maybe we do allow some to get away with cases of fraud and deceit. I mean, we do likewise with cowboy builders and the such, but we just know in the future to check references, work complete, and move forward logically.

Some wish us to believe that it is all false for a few reasons, and I will list some of them right here for you…..

  • They Can Not Explain How It’s Done
  • They Are In Fear Of It
  • They Wish To Appear More Clever Than They Actually Are
  • They Want To Have A Following
  • They Wish To Make Money From Sceptical Groups
  • They Fear The Education They Have Attained May Be Wrong

I’m sure some can think of more, but most often than not those who proclaim to be experts and know that it is all BS, are in one of those groups above.

As I said previously, watch what they say and see if they are mirroring anything to you from their own inner world!

So, Where Is The Proof

evidence are psychics realUsually it’s located at the bottom of the label next to a % sign, on a bottle, in the local supermarket!

The reason I say this in jest is anyone with any type of real logical, rational, and reasoned mind always knows that REAL science never deals in absolutes, only probabilities which can shift.

I have witnessed time and time again gifted people come out with information that is not in the public domain, available in the environment information wise, and has proven to be 100% spot on.

This is where some say “Get them to enter the $1 Million Dollar Prize” and then I say “That is as fake as those ‘they say’ they are trying to debunk” Google it, you will see what I mean!

You see, they only cite people who are not as good as the average, or pinpoint the human error and blow it up as ‘proof’ that everything is the same for all. They also select high-profile gifted people to attack, to raise their own fame, pinpointing small aspects and blowing them up as irrefutable proof regardless of how they reach that conclusion.

Lies are common!

Real Spiritual Gifted People

Yes, they do exist and usually operate below the radar or by ignoring the real fame hungry The Pearce Institute Ghost Nightpeople who are trying to hijack this field.

They are kind, accurate, and just like you and me in every way.

They have feelings, get hurt by the slander of the above-mentioned attention seekers, and display a gift that can give us all hope about the afterlife and our loved ones.

They do not set out to be famous, usually they are so good at what they do they are noticed through word of mouth. They get hurt by the attention as they become prey for the cynics who have their own agendas or fears.

I am very comfortable in the action of nailing my colours to the Haunted Scotland mast by saying the answer to the above question of “Are Psychics Real” is a YES!

You just need to be like you are in every other aspect of your life, analyse critically, pick wisely, and go by world of mouth and past references when selecting.

Just ignore the attention seekers, their game is to plant doubts as this is the food they thrive on, and as we progress with understandings in quantum physics – and the latest information about the nature of reality – they are diminishing and gasping for air.

Stay tuned to Haunted Scotland, where we will display some examples in the future [of real gifts] in various formats.

Till then, take care,

Ryan O'NeillRyan O’Neill
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