Airth Castle

Region :Stirlingshire
Location : Kincardine Bridge on A905

Details : The Castle incorporates a 14th century keep which is now known as Wallace’s Tower. In the 15th century the Bruce family created much of the present castle although further extended in the 16th and 19th centuries.

Paranormal Phenomena : from the Paranormal Alliance website the following information had largely been gleaned. The groundsman haunts the full castle, seen mostly down on the lower floor by the Bruce Suite. Dusty footsteps keep appearing at a disused staircase which is closed so no one can get up or down them. The footsteps are of a very large male.
Room 9 is allegedly haunted by a nanny whom died in a fire. The children who also died in the fire can be heard sometimes running about the corridors or have been seen in the ladies downstairs toilets which was where their room was oringally. In room 24 the sound of a small child has been heard on many occasions but no child is in the room when it is heard.

Room 21, it is believed this is the room in which maids stayed in and many were supposed to have been raped by the master of the castle. Screams have been heard on various occassions at night coming from this room. Rooms 14, 2 and 3 are also haunted.”

ghostfinders Scotland investigated and saw flashing lights, heard unexplained noises and voices, experienced ‘negative’ atmospheres and light sightings. Some were in so much distress that they had to leave rooms : one team member experienced severe dizziness and feelings of nausea, whilst in another room people reported extreme heartburn and headaches.
Hugh Loudon, stirlingshire.icnetwork who has worked at the hotel for many years, has commented that “Rooms 3, 9 and 23 in the castle are haunted by a small group of playing children, their ghostly nanny is still around and she sometimes looks after children whose parents have gone to dinner in the hotel restaurant. “We often have guests staying overnight in the castle who remark ‘we had a good stay but were disturbed by children running around a check reveals there actually weren’t any children staying on that night.”

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