Ackergill Tower

Region : Caithness
Location : 2 miles E of Balmoral

Details : Over the last 600 years this has been the site of many conflicts between the feuding Keith, Gunns and Sinclair clans. Ackergill Tower is a five-story oblong tower house. The four-storey wing to the rear was added in the early 18th century.

Paranormal Phenomena : Alleged to be haunted by the ghost of Helen Gunn who was kidnapped by one of the Keith family who brought her back to Ackergill Tower. She threw herself from the battlements of the tower rather than submit to her captors.

2 thoughts on “Ackergill Tower”

  1. a true tragic tale , but then most of the tales and stories from scotland are the best , real sentiment from wonderfull people , true atmosphere love it like my mum always did just never been , will oneday im determined

  2. Good Morning Julie, I know exactly what you mean with regards the tales from Scotland. I am more than sure you will make it to Scotland at some point and can go exploring these rich historic and truly spooky locations. Have an excellent day Julie and thanks for commenting! 🙂

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