About Us

Haunted Scotland is a non-profit project created by Ryan O’Neill, founder of Scottish Paranormal & Co-ordinator at International Paranormal Investigators (IPI). Ryan has worked within the field of Paranormal Investigation, particularly hauntings and afterlife, for ten years and may be recognisable by his appearances in the popular TV show Most Haunted, ITV1’s Tough Gig, USA Prime-Time Show Brew Dogs (With Barry Fitzgerald & Mark Turner) along with countless radio and newspaper contributions.

The main philosophy that Ryan has always followed relates to the brining together of the worlds Investigators so as to share, brainstorm, and cooperate on this vast subject.

At heart he has always had the further advancement of the field and the relationships within it, at the forefront.

Haunted Scotland will strive to provide information, observations, and a place on-line where people can indulge in their curiosity – and love – for all things paranormal.

In addition, Ryan will be travelling Scotland – and beyond – to conduct various experiments, paranormal reporting, and freely help out in public events at various locations.

The methodologies used by Ryan consist of out-of-the-box thinking and operation and do not easily fit into the status-quo used by the mainstream.

It’s a firm held mindset and purpose with Ryan, which looks to cast aside the usual explanations that do not hold much water and are very rigid.

The level of consciousness adopted to look at most unexplainable events needs expansion, and new thought…this is the direction taken here at Haunted Scotland!

An open MIND which allows everything to be considered and nothing to be attached, is very advisable on this site and within this research project.

Ryan O’Neill – Media & Projects

• ITV1 – Tough Gig with Arabella Weir
• STV – Scotland Today
• BBC Radio Scotland
• Talk107 FM – Original panel members of paranormal show
• The Scottish Sun
• Kingdom FM
• River FM
• The Scotsman
• The Evening News
• The Times
• News of the World
• The Big Issue – Supporting Britain’s Homeless
• Discovery Channel – Mystery Hunters
• Living TV – Most Haunted Live & Most Haunted Series 10
• Brew Dogs – Haddo House (2015)

Ryan has liaised with Pilgrim Films (Ghost Hunters International) Antix Productions (Most Haunted) Gavin Cromwell at MKC along with a plethora of charity work, radio productions and behind the scene research and masterminding.

Who Else Works With Ryan?

Lynne & Gary Knight – History and Horror Tours

Two of the most enthusiastic paranormal researchers you could ever work with. Gary – a fantastic historical storyteller – has a unique ability to take you back into the mindset of those who once operated in the locations, reciting historical facts, building the scene, and using this to raise the energy from within sessions.

Lynne has a unique ability to be in the right place on the session, intuitively sensing the energies of the area, using equipment to back up these assertions, and getting the public fully involved in the search.

Haunted Scotland & History and Horror Tours work on various public projects,  overnight events, and charity projects together successfully.

All events by Lynne & Gary Knight are freely listed on Haunted Scotland.

Janice Dodds – Trance Medium

Very gifted ‘Trance Medium’ from East Lothian who has a plethora of experience working in connection with the spiritual world. The loveable famous medium Albert Best guides Janice on and off location, Albert was a Medium who came from Northern Ireland, and was known for his accuracy and amazing spiritual connection.

Haunted Scotland works equally with Janice on public events, charity projects, and haunted cases where her expertise is needed.

http://christopher413.wix.com/spiritresearchneChristopher Huff – Spirit Research Northeast

Very close friend and associate of Ryan, Chris has both researched and investigated the paranormal since the mid 1970s. Expert – and published author – in paranormal connections with the RAF, having visited a number of airfields through his father’s passion about them (ex-RAF) and his own involvement in the ATC. Academically he holds a BA from York in Archaeology, a post-graduate diploma from the University of Kent in Research & Technology, and an MA from Durham in archaeological surveying. Chris has written articles for a number of journals both paranormal and archaeological, and been interested in haunted airfields since 1976 and began actively researching 15 years ago.

Haunted Scotland works closely with Chris, and always have throughout the last 10 years. Chris is a fountain on knowledge, leading edge thought, and very intelligent contributor to this research.

Tammy O’Neill – Photographer & Trainee Researcher & Events

Tammy O’Neill (June 4th 1997) is a teenage photographer who has decided to pursue photography as one of her purposes in life. Tammy has been shooting photos since the age of ten, but built a serious passion from the age of thirteen (13)

Home-Schooled,she focused her learning on self-development with the assistance of her father Ryan O’Neill, and using material from all the greatest motivational and success coaches the world has to offer. Continuing to sculpture her mind into such focus and holding great visions of where she wishes to go in life, Tammy feels that she has already far surpassed what she could have achieved from a normal school life. She fully appreciates that education is important via school but feel it does not focus enough on the desires of the pupil and is not flexible enough to help everyone follow their dreams.

Tammy is learning how to actively research the paranormal, so she can then translate this knowledge into working with the public on events. Tammy enjoys the social aspect, and looks forward to building in this area moving forward.

Tammy is currently a full time student out-with her involvement here.