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The Scottish Paranormal team was resurrected in 2018 with the merging of Fife Paranormal Research Society and the no longer active investigation team Scottish Paranormal. This organisation was at the forefront of paranormal research in Scotland for over 15 years.

Scottish Paranormal is legally set up as an unincorporated association and currently has four committee members and a research team. They are fully insured (Public liability) and openly work with the public to raise awareness of Scotland’s history, tourism and the protection of our historic locations.

It’s with great pride that it continues its journey with a fantastic group of researchers and consciousness explorers.

Please contact a committee member if you require any clarification on status or to view the constitution.

The Committee Members

Greg Stewart – Joint Chairman
Ryan O’Neill – Joint Chairman
Ally Reid – Vice Chairman & Treasurer

The Research Team

Kyle Stewart

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Through Ghost Events Scotland

18th January 2020

Mary Kings Close

The Real Mary King’s Close is often cited as the most haunted places in Scotland. The first filed historical sighting dates back to around 1685 and involves the Coltheart family.

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5th June 2020

Bran Castle

Join the team of Investigators for a Romanian Paranormal Weekend across Romanians Vlad sites then Investigate access all areas with the team at Bran Castle.

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