Aberdour Castle

Region : Fife
Location :  Aberdour, Fife KY3 0SL

Details : Aberdour Castle is located in the village of Easter Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. Parts of the castle date from around 1200, making Aberdour one of the two oldest datable standing castles in Scotland, along with Castle Sween in Argyll, which was built at around the same time.

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Paranormal Phenomena : Quite a few years ago, in the depths of winter a group of stonemasons and labourers stood in the stables of Aberdour Castle.

There reasons for standing there, were twofold, first the temperature outside was considerably well below freezing, and secondly, the Custodian had not yet arrived for work.

She was the only person with a key to allow them access to the part of the castle they were required to be in, for their days work ahead.

The stonemasons always helped out with other work when the weather did not allow them to perform their own duties, i.e. cutting and building stone.

So it happened on this occasion, they were seconded to the team assigned to lime wash the tea room. This was a job which had to be done annually and was the type of job nobody in the team relished.

As it happened this particular morning, snow was forecast – and if the forecasters were correct – then it meant a welcome break from lime-washing, but a sore back from clearing the snow from the drive before any visitors to the castle arrived.

The group had been dropped off for work at 8.15 am, and would normally already be hard at work – had it not been for the person responsible for keeping the keys being off – and in their haste to get out of the vehicle, the very fact that they would be locked out had escaped their thoughts.

Dawn, the custodian, would not arrive until around 9.15am

As they stood – chatting about the usual topics – they hunched their bodies up against the biting cold wind that whistled through the Stable door.

Suddenly the chat all stopped, “Do you hear that?” enquired one of the labourers, they all now stood deathly still, straining to hear whatever it was their friend had heard coming from the great hall up above.

They didn’t have to wait long, a loud dragging noise was heard by all present, “somebody’s moving the furniture about up there in the hall” the young apprentice said.

They all looked at each other now quite alarmed, had someone somehow managed to get into the castle during the night?

And if they had, were they still in there?

The workers stood now pondering what their next move should be, should they ring the police, or wait for the custodian to arrive.

The time was now 9.12 am, so after a quick discussion they decided to wait for the custodian to arrive, electing to post a guard at all three exits from the hall, while others stood by the Stable door awaiting the arrival of the Custodian.

A few minutes later the sound of a car was heard coming up the driveway, it was Dawn, the custodian.

They very quickly related their version of events to her, being extremely dubious of the story which she was now hearing, she asked them to take a key each and unlock all the doors to the hall at the same time.

Once again the noise from the hall was heard, this time Dawn heard it also. Their faces pale with either fright, or anticipation of fear, they all now headed toward the exits

As they reached them they all yelled out loud and simultaneously opened the doors to great hall.

What they saw chilled them to the bone.

The hall had been furnished with replica medieval furniture, that was by its very design extremely heavy and cumbersome, even a small table required two persons to move it. It was therefore a shock to see this furniture now moved all in its entirety into the middle of the room.

And as for the doors, the only means of entry and exit to the hall, they were all locked as were all the windows.

No one knows who or what moved the furniture, many think the Fourth Earl of Morton, but there are many contenders for the ghost of Aberdour Castle.

Ryan Says: On the 4th of October 2012 & 8th January 2014, I visited this castle.

My Initial intention [2012] was to gather visual media, sample the atmosphere and also speak with the Stanemason on duty.

I do not believe the current worker is the original Stanemason – who told us the story under anonymity – but the worker spoken too confirmed the above. He was keen to add that he had also witnessed the noises from within the castle, as himself and a male custodian opened up one morning.

It’s no secret that phenomena is ongoing at this stunning location, as the stanemason said

” You have to personally experience these things” I agree with him fully!

During the January 2014 visit, I conducted some Echovox testing which is under review.

“Aberdour Castle is located in the village of Easter Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. Parts of the castle date from around 1200, making Aberdour one of the two oldest datable standing castles in Scotland”

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