360 Tour of Dunino Den & Kirk | Pagans, Rituals & Natural Energy

360 Tour of Dunino Den & Kirk

360 tour of Dunino Den & KirkThe magical natural surroundings of Dunino Den & Kirk, an ancient sacred site used for thousands of years pre-dating Christianity.

It will be little surprise that this location is situated on a ley-line, with the kirk itself said to be inside an ancient stone circle which was destroyed, with some of the stone used in it’s construction.

In the Kirk-yard you can still see a stone, which visitors place coins upon as a token to the sacred site.

It’s hypothesised that spirit can use natural energies of these lay-lines to communicate with the physical. A thin place where the spirit world and physical world can overlap!

Perhaps this was why sacred worship pre-Christian times took place in this fabulous place, our ancestors were much more in touch with the land.

Consciousness expansion, communication with spirit and blessings to bestow from non-physical very much is alive in such places.

Could we contact spirit using our audio devices in the area, would the alleged nature spirits show themselves to us in some form or would energies of consciousness reach out to us from beyond our senses.

This is a 360 video to allow you a view of the area. We will follow up with a presentation and any captures via our audio equipment.

360 Tour of Dunino Den & Kirk | Pagans, Rituals & Natural Energy

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